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High Profile BASYS Faucet w/ Display - 1.5 GPM



Part Number: #83844
Mfg No.: EFX177.502.0100
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co


*All Components Serviceable Above Deck* *AB 1953 Compliance (Lead Free)*

Solar Powered, Sensor Activated, Electronic, Chrome Plated Die Cast Body, Hand Washing Faucet with the following features:
• All serviceable components above deck
• One tool service
• All wetted components to be stainless steel, engineered thermo plastic, EPDM, and copper or copper alloy
• Solenoid housed in removable carrier that includes supply strainer
• Integral water supply shut off
• Supply strainer serviceable from above deck
• Vandal resistant spray insert, key housed inside faucet body
• All electronics sealed to IP-67
• Gold plated electrical contacts
• Above deck individual diagnostic indicators for battery life, solenoid condition, and power up mode
• Flexible, high pressure supply hoses, 3/8” compression connections
• Bi-stable magnetic solenoid
• Four (4) “AA” alkaline batteries
• Double infrared sensors with automatic setting feature
• Single hole installation
• Includes all mounting hardware
• Line purge mode, eliminates stagnant water
• Adjustable time-outs
• High temperature auto shut-off (LCD models)
• Faucet can be configured to add solar and/or LCD display
• LCD display of water temperature and scrub time
• Solar power harvesting options
• Line powered using a variety of voltage adapters (batteries act as a backup)
• Mechanical mixing, integral to spout, optional
• Body Type: High Profile
• Integral Side Mixer
• Sensing: Active Infrared (AIR)
• Solar Crown with Display
• 1.5 GPM Spray
• 4-inch Base Plate