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Royal/Regal Flushometer Maintenance Schedules

Posted on August 31 2017

Flushometer Parts Breakdown: Learn How to Anticipate Needed Parts article

Preventative Maintenance for Sloan Flushometers

Sloan has been manufacturing plumbing solutions since 1906. They are the industry leader in commercial plumbing systems, and have been the most trusted name in flushometers for over 110 years. Sloan manufactures dozens of flush valve models, and has two of the most well known manual flush valves on the market today: The Royal and Regal manual flush valve series. Sloan creates high quality flushometers that have stood the test of time. There are Sloan units that were designed a hundred years ago that are still in service today. So when Sloan introduces a preventative maintenance guide for one of their most popular product lines, you should pay attention.

Flushometers undergo intensive industry testing, and must meet strict criteria to hit the marketplace. One of those tests involves successfully completing a minimum of 250,000 flushes. This may sound like a lot of flushes, but in commercial facilities like airports, hospitals, sports arenas, tourist locations, and private facilities like prisons that get over 5,000 flushes per month, that 250,000 flushes is met in only four short years.

After 250,000 flushes, some parts within the unit will need to be replaced. Knowing the signs that indicate when certain parts need to be replaced is valuable information for any maintenance department.

Sloan Flushometer Maintenance   

Why Should You Be Proactive Maintaining Flushometers?

By understanding the lifespan of the parts in your flush valve, you can anticipate problems before they occur, and have the necessary repair parts on hand. You can even install the new part at the first signs of deterioration, instead of waiting to fix the flush valve when it’s no longer operational.  This is especially helpful in restrooms that are very popular or have a single stall. Be proactive in maintaining the flush valves in your facility, and save yourself from future headaches by planning for the inevitable replacements that will happen in the future.

Sloan Flushometer Maintenance Schedule

Sloan Manual Flushometer Maintenance Schedule

This guide will show you the average life expectancy for some of our popular Sloan parts based on our actual repair experience. There are many factors that contribute to the life expectancy of flushometers and their parts.

These factors include the following:

  • Water Quality - High levels of chlorine or debris can erode parts over time
  • Vandalism and Abuse - Public buildings and facilities are more susceptible to misuse and damage
  • Proper Installation - Improper installation of the product can affect performance, and accelerate deterioration
  • Proper Parts Replacement - Non-Sloan replacement parts can negatively impact performance and reduce product life

Sloan flush valves and Sloan repair parts have a longer life expectancy than other industry units and parts. Sloan repair parts are estimated to last between one to five years longer than similar parts manufactured by other vendors.

Below are two maintenance schedules. One is for New Style Royal flushometers, manufactured after 1998. The other is for Regal flushometers and Old Style Royal flushometers manufactured before 1998. Click on a part number (highlighted in blue) to be taken to the products' page.

ADA Handle Assembly B73A #08069 Stop Repair Kit 1" or 3/4" H541ASD #08032 Inside Cover A71 #08050 Diaphragm Kit Royal 1.6 GPF A1041A #08564 Diaphragm Kit Royal 3.5 GPF A1038A #08563 Handle Repair Kit B51A #08439 O-Ring and Lock Ring Kit Vacuum Breaker V651A #08438 Coupling Assembly F5AT #08017 Sloan Repair - Sloan Valve Repair Parts, Fixtures, and Tools for Sale

O-Ring and Lock Ring Kit Diaphragm Kit Regal 1.6 GPF A41A #08114 Diaphragm Kit Regal 3.5 GPF A38A #08000 Diaphragm A156A #08002 Stop Repair Kit 1" or 3/4" H541ASD #08032 Stop Repair Kit 3/4" H543ASD #08033 Handle Repair Kit B50A #08007 ADA Handle Assembly B73A #08069 Vacuum Breaker 3323192 #08012 Coupling Assembly Closet F56A #08142 Coupling Assembly Urinal F55A #08143 Coupling Assembly Urinal F54A #08144 Inside Cover A71 #08050


Equiparts and Sloan Valve

Equiparts is a master distributor of Sloan products, and we stock thousands of units and repair parts. Our sales reps are highly educated when it comes to Sloan products, especially flushometers and repair parts for flushometers, as we provide many of our customers with these Sloan products. We meet with our Sloan rep often, and he keeps us up to date on innovations at Sloan. We use a combination of Sloan’s guidelines and our experience to develop an accurate maintenance schedule. This schedule is designed specifically for facility managers to help them learn the signs of worn-out parts and when these flush valve pieces need to be repaired.

Master Repair Kits for Sloan Royal and Regal Flushometer

If you have multiple Sloan flush valves at your facility, then you should probably have a repair kit fully stocked for the repairs that will inevitably occur in the future. That is why we have created custom-built Sloan Master Repair Kits that contain all of the most common repair parts. These kits include a majority of the items in this maintenance schedule, plus the small odds and ends parts that are always good to have on hand.

sloan royal flush valve repair kitMaster ‘71 Piece’ Dual Filter Repair Kit (Part #08730)

This master repair kit is designed for new style royal flushometers.

New style means units that were made after 1998. New style royal flush valve utilize a drop-in kit with a dual filtered bypass.



sloan regal flushometer repair kitMaster ‘102 Piece’ Sloan Repair Kit (Part #08066)

This Master Repair Kit is designed for old style Royal flushometers and Regal flushometers.

Old style means Royal flush valves that were manufactured up to 1998. These units utilize drop-in kits with a single filtered bypass.


We also have the following master repair kits: Optima Plus Master Repair Kit (Part #08588) and G2 Master Repair Kit (Part #08890)


PDFShare, save or print the Sloan Maintenance Schedule PDF so you can refer back to it for help when servicing your flush valves.