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Tools & Accessories

Plumbing Parts and Tools

Plumbing Tools and Accessories

Find all of the tools and accessories needed to install and repair Sloan fixtures including manual and sensor flushometers, electronic faucets, china toilets, china sinks and china urinals, as well as other restroom items. The plumbing tools found here are an assortment of plumbing specific tools that enable plumbers and facility maintenance personnel to complete every repair necessary in their commercial restrooms. These tools include items like the following: closet seat nut wrench, non-marking valve wrench, Sloan super wrench and many more plumbing tools. Also, within this section, you can find accessories like plunger carrying cases, adapter angle stop parts, ADA complaint drains and lavatory insulation kits, out of service bonnets, P-traps, urinal plugs, urinal screens, urinal scale remover, waterfree urinal cartridges and other hard to find urinal parts, tools and accessory items.
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