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Wax Rings & Seals

Wax Ring, Seal, and Gasket Plumbing Parts

Wax Rings & Seals

Find all of the wax rings, gaskets and seals needed to seal your toilet bowls and urinals quickly and easily on Our high quality selection of seal, ring and gasket plumbing parts will help you seal your plumbing fixtures. This helps prevent any leaks from occurring where the urinal or toilet fixture connects to the drain. We carry many different types of wax rings for restroom fixtures, including the following: standard closet wax rings, reinforced wax rings for toilets, combination wax ring and poly flange for closets, and reinforced wax ring with flange for toilets. We also have wax free plumbing seals in a variety of sizes for both closet and urinal applications. Find waxless gaskets for toilets, closet cushion rings, felt gaskets, neoprene gaskets and sponge rubber gaskets here as well.
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