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Find Sloan flushometers,  faucets, china fixtures, plumbing parts and accessories. Minimum Order $50.

Electronic Faucets

Electronic Faucets for Sale

Sloan Electronic Faucets

Electronic Faucets provide a more efficient and hygienic hand washing experience for users that is why facilities everywhere are switching from manual faucets to sensor activated faucets. Electronic faucets save water through sensor activated functionality this eliminates drip water waste and other water wasting occurrences that happen with manual faucets. Within this complete selection of electronic faucets and battery operated faucets you will find the most popular and reliable units by Sloan including units from the following series: Basys electronic faucets, Optima and Optima Plus Automatic Sink Faucet series ETF80, EAF100, EAF200, EAF350, EBF615, ETF660, EAF750, EBF750, EAF900, SF2150 and SF2250.
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