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Sloan Bluetooth Faucets

Bluetooth Faucets

Sloan Bluetooth Faucets

Sloan has upgraded select electronic faucets from their Optima faucet line so you can manage their faucets remotely, adjusting and monitoring them from afar via bluetooth by using the Sloan Connect app on a smart phone. This enables you to connect to the below deck components of these faucets from your device where you can do things like dispense water, adjust the functions, change the faucets’ settings (like sensor range), and more. The bluetooth update also features a new control box with less cords and hoses, a dual-inlet filter, and new mounting slots. Take a more in-depth look at the improvements made to Optima faucets in this bluetooth update in our Bluetooth Optima Faucets blog article. Don’t see the exact model you want? Give us a call to order. 

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