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Optima True Mechanical Override (TMO) Flushometers

Optima TMO Flush Valves

Sloan Optima True Mechanical Override (TMO) Flushometers

The Sloan Optima Flush Valves listed here are all hardwired units that function at a variety of GPFs with an electronic, sensor operated solenoid that has a true mechanical override (TMO) function. The TMO function enables the unit to be flushed even when the power is out, keeping restrooms sanitary at all times. These units function through automatic operation, which make the unit hands free except when user override is necessary. Sloan Optima TMO flushometers are designed for exposed closet installation and exposed urinal installation, dependant on the GPF capacity of the unit. Sloan Optima units utilize infrared sensor technology and fixed metering bypass with no external volume adjustment, which helps ensure proper flush settings. The Optima TMO flush valves within this section are from the following Sloan valve product series: Royal 180 ESS, Royal 186 ESS, Royal 111 ESS, and Royal 110 ESS.
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