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EBF-85 / EBF-187

EBF85 EBF187 faucet repair parts

Sloan EBF-85 and EBF-187 Faucet Repair Parts

Find all of the repair parts needed to repair your EBF85 and EBF187 faucets here. Both faucet series by Sloan Valve are battery powered, infrared faucets that are deck mounted and utilize a fiber optic cable. Use our high quality part photos and part descriptions, as well as our troubleshooting guides and part breakdowns to find the right parts to fix your unit.  It is important to know that there are different parts for old and new style EBF-85 and EBF-187 faucets. The non-bluetooth model (faucets bought prior to 2019) and bluetooth model (faucets bought from 2019 to the present) utilize different repair parts. Use our parts breakdowns to make sure you are purchasing the right repair parts for your EBF-85 / EBF-187 faucet, depending on which model faucet you have: 

Pre-2019 EBF-85 / EBF-187 Parts Breakdown
• 2019-Present Bluetooth EBF-85 / EBF-187 Parts Breakdown

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