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GEM 2 Flushometers

GEM 2 flushometers

Sloan GEM 2 Flushometers

GEM 2 Flushometers are reliable piston type flush valves that are specifically designed to accurately measure flush volume. GEM2 flush valves are best suited for harsh water conditions that are gritty or have low pressure. GEM 2 piston flush valves function with a filtered O-ring bypass and all units have ADA-compliant non-hold open handles. All units have a stop cap plug that helps to prevent any tampering. On, we carry manual GEM 2 flush valves for exposed water closet and exposed urinal installations. The models range from 0.5-3.5 GPF. The units we carry include models in the following GEM 2 series: 110, 111, 180, and 186.
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