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G2 Optima Plus Flushometers

G2 Flushometers

Sloan G2 Flushometers

G2 Optima Plus flush valves were introduced by Sloan in 2002. These units replace Optima Plus units. G2 flush valves are Sloan’s most advanced sensor activated flushometer. Not only does the high tech look of the unit help facilities appear modern but the upgraded circuitry and multiple infrared sensor technology within the unit help make this unit high functioning as well. Sloan deems the G2 flush valve the highest rated and top functioning sensor operated flush valve they produce. These units provide reliable service even in harsh conditions like high humidity and low water quality. They also provide longer battery life than side mount operators with 5+ years at average operation. Sloan G2 Optima Plus flush valves units are available in low consumption, water saver and high efficiency models dependant on flush volume. Units are designed for exposed water closet and urinal applications.

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