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Mobile Hand Washing Stations

Mobile Hand Washing StationsSloan Mobile Hand Washing Stations

We now carry mobile hand washing stations. These stations enable you to provide more hand washing options to patrons in your facility. These touch-free stations can be placed anywhere you need them, with models designed for inside use and models designed for indoor and outdoor use. Some of the models can be customized to your needs and aesthetic preferences. They are great to use near exits or entrances, food courts, cafeterias, concourses, concessions, escalators, hallways, and more. Models MH-2000 and MH-3000 are fully self-contained. Models MH-1000, MH-1050, and MH-3050 require connection to a standard 3/4" water line and drain line for grey water. Read our Mobile Handwashing Stations blog post to compare units to each other. Click on a model number below to learn about the station's full features, view its spec sheet, and add it to your cart. 
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