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Sloan SOLIS Flushometers

Sloan SOLIS Flush Valve

Sloan SOLIS Flushometers

Sloan SOLIS flush valves are solar powered sensor operated flushometers that are designed for both toilet and urinal applications. These units function with photovoltaic technology, which enables the unit to draw power from artificial indoor light from incandescent or fluorescent light. These units also have a battery back-up source as well. Sloan SOLIS solar powered flush valves help to make buildings green or achieve LEED certifications by functioning through renewable energy. SOLIS units also include common features in Sloan flush valves including CID™ flush accuracy control, high tech multiple infrared sensing fields for optimal user sensing, Courtesy Flush™override button, durable PERMEX synthetic rubber diaphragm components, adjustable tailpieces and more.
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