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Toilet Seats

Toilet Seats for commercial restrooms

Toilet Seats

View our comprehensive collection of toilet seats and find the best toilet seats for your commercial restrooms here on Most plumbing codes require an elongated toilet seat as well as an  open front seat for public and employee use, which helps create a more hygienic restroom experience. This is why our selection of toilet seats are mostly elongated and open front, although we also provide a few closed front and round toilet seats. Our toilet seat selection contains units by the following toilet seat manufacturers: Church, Big John, Centoco and more. Our selection of black and white closet seats include some of the following features: anti-microbial toilet seats, toilet seats with cover included, slow close lid seats, seats with hinge types including stainless steel hinges and Sta-Tite® stainless steel self-sustaining check hinges and more. We also carry toilet seat accessories like hinge stabilizers and guard rail units.

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