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Sloan Solenoids

Sloan Solenoids and Related Parts

Find all of the electronic faucet and flushometer solenoids and related parts needed for your Sloan units here. Solenoids are a crucial part of a flushometer/faucet since they control the flow of water from the unit’s inlet to its outlet/spout. They are a common repair part that needs to be replaced within electronic faucets and flushometers. We have written a variety of Sloan faucet solenoid related articles to make finding the right solenoid to service your faucets easy. Read our Sloan Optima Solenoid Replacement Guide to learn the difference between old style versus new style solenoids and review a chart that shows which solenoid goes with what faucet model. Review our Solenoid Troubleshooting Sloan Faucets article to learn about common Sloan solenoid problems including erratic valve noises, partially closed valves, and valves that will not open. Read our Solenoid Replacement Identification Chart for Sloan BASYS Faucets to find the right solenoid to service your Sloan BASYS faucet.

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