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Find Sloan flushometers,  faucets, china fixtures, plumbing parts and accessories. Minimum Order $50.

Electronic Faucet Parts

sloan electronic faucet parts

Sloan Electronic Faucet Parts

Take a look at all of the electronic faucet parts available here on Not only do we carry all of the parts needed to repair your sensor activated faucets, we also supply our customers with product breakdowns and faucet troubleshooting guides to help identify the correct repair parts needed to fix faulty, damaged or broken faucets. We carry Sloan electronic faucet parts for all of the following faucet series: Basys, EBF85, EBF187, EBF650, EBF615, EBF750, EBF550, EAF275 (Solar), EAF150, ETF660,  ETF770, ETF80, SF2100, SF2150, SF2200, and SF2250 Sloan faucets. Our repair parts are separated in sections based on faucet series to help choose the right repair part for the right faucet.
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