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Wax-Free Rings

Wax-Free RingsWax-Free Rings

A wax-free ring, also known as waxless seal or wax free gasket, is a ring that is not made of wax that is placed around or in-between a connection to make the adjoining pipes or surfaces watertight. Waxless rings are used to seal the joints between toilets and urinals and the pipes that are connected too. Wax-free rings are often chosen over wax rings because they are more resilient than wax seals - they don’t melt or freeze or lose their shape. Waxless rings also allow for repositioning of the urinal or toilet fixture and do not create a waxy mess when the need arises to service or replace a fixture. View our selection of wax-free gaskets below and find the right seal for your application. We carry elastomer gaskets, rubber rings, sponge rings, and felt seals for toilet and urinal applications. For wax rings and seals, click here.
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