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BASYS Faucet Parts

Sloan Basys Electronic Faucet Parts

Sloan BASYS Faucet Parts

Find all of the parts needed to service Basys faucets here. The Sloan Basys Faucet is an innovative electronic faucet. It is designed for efficiency both for the user and maintenance personnel who service it. It is an ideal faucet designed for commercial restrooms with an intelligent system of features and components to improve the restroom experience. Find all of the following Basys electronic faucet parts listed here such as: solenoid valve caddies for 0.5 and 1.5 GPM, aerators with multi-laminar spray heads and stream inserts, battery pack assemblies and battery cases, as well as various replacement crown assemblies. View our BASYS Solenoid Replacement Chart for help finding the right solenoid for your BASYS faucet. 
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