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EBF-615 / EBF-650

EBF650 EBF615 flush valve Repair Parts

Sloan EBF-615 and EBF-650 Faucet Repair Parts

Find every EBF615 faucet repair part and EBF650 repair part needed to maintain your faucets quickly and easily with the information and resources we provide. We carry all of the parts needed to service your battery powered, deck mounted, infrared faucet with either vandal resistant or pedestal spouts here. Utilize our EBF615 and EBF650 Sloan faucet breakdowns to order the right repair parts the first time. There are two different sets of repair parts for these models. The non-bluetooth model (faucets bought prior to 2019) and bluetooth model (faucets bought from 2019 to the present) utilize different repair parts. Use our parts breakdowns to make sure you are purchasing the right repair parts for your EBF-615 / EBF-650 faucet: 
Pre-2019 EBF-615 / EBF-650 Parts Breakdown
• 2019-Present Bluetooth EBF-615 / EBF-650 Parts Breakdown

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