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Find useful articles in the Sloan Repair blog that help you find, install, and repair the right parts needed to service your facility. Here we will share articles, videos, guides, and other resources relating to the Sloan parts and other related plumbing and maintenance tools, parts, and fixtures we sell. Check back often to see our newest article, or sign up for the Sloan Repair Newsletter on the bottom of our homepage to find out about articles in your email inbox.

Recent Posts

  • Sloan Repair Kits

    Sep 25 2020

      Facility managers have many items they need to service within the buildings they maintain. Our custom-made repair kits create an organ...

  • Sloan Retrofit Kit Flushometer Comparison Guide

    Aug 18 2020

    Retrofit flushometer solutions are a quick and easy way to turn an existing manual flushometer into a sensor operated flushometer. Retro...

  • Sloan Bluetooth Optima Faucets

    Apr 21 2020

      Sloan Optima Faucets now include Bluetooth technology! These innovative new smart faucets will make it easier to manage the faucets th...

  • Sloan Control Stop Guide

    Feb 05 2020

      A control stop is a device found within a closet or urinal flushometer that functions as an on/off valve. When properly installed, it ...

  • Sloan Uppercut Flush Valve

    Nov 04 2019

      The Sloan Uppercut was the first dual flush valve in the commercial marketplace. It was also the first to cut water volume by approxim...