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Sloan Uppercut Flush Valve

Posted on November 04 2019

Dual Flush Valve Handle by Sloan


The Sloan Uppercut was the first dual flush valve in the commercial marketplace. It was also the first to cut water volume by approximately 30% when the reduced flush is used. This Sloan dual flush valve is still a great choice for reducing water consumption, especially in high traffic commercial facilities.

The Sloan dual flush handle in the Uppercut saves water by allowing users to designate a reduced flush or a full flush, dependant on what is necessary. The full flush is designed for solid waste, and is enabled when the user pushes the handle downward. The downward flush uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The reduced flush is designed for liquid waste, and is enabled when the user pushes the handle upward. The upward flush uses only 1.1 gallons of water per flush. This means that every time a user selects the upward reduced flush for liquid waste, they save 30% of the water that would be used by completing an unnecessary full flush. That equates to 500 gallons of saved water per 1,000 reduced flushes! So, it’s easy to see how this Sloan dual flush handle can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.

Both Dual Flush and Antimicrobial Design

Another innovative design element of the Sloan Uppercut dual flush handle is that it is an antimicrobial handle. This means that the handle was manufactured with a permanent treatment that stops the growth of most bacteria and mold, as well as some viruses. The treatment is embedded into the finish of the handle. Unlike non-treated handles that are disinfected with cleaning products that fade with use and time, the antimicrobial treatment on the handle of this Sloan dual flush valve will continue to work for the life of the handle. 

Sloan Water Saving Flush Valve Handle


Understanding How to Use the Sloan Dual-Flush Handle

The Uppercut Dual Flush Handle is bright green in color, making it noticeable to users. The handle has directions on the handle itself, graphically showing the user to push upwards for a reduced flush, and downward for a full flush. It also comes with two instructional signs that can be posted in the stall to give additional information to patrons who may be new to the dual flush water-saving design. 

The Uppercut Dual Flush Handle Assembly contains the following items:

  • The Uppercut Dual Flush Handle
  • Two Instructional Signs
  • Handle Gasket
  • Installation Instructions

    Sloan dual flush handle


    How to Order the Sloan Uppercut Dual Flush Valve Handle Assembly

    You can order the Sloan Uppercut Dual Flush Handle Assembly on View the Sloan Dual Flush Handle Assembly product page, then add it to your cart to complete your purchase.

    Part Number: #08880 
    Mfg No.: WES212A
    Mfg: Sloan Valve Co

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