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Royal Flushometers

Sloan Royal Flush Valves

Sloan Royal Flushometers

The Royal is a Sloan Valve’s premiere high performance flushometer. Its design, materials and quality have made it the most popular flushometer in commercial use. The dual-filtered bypass and Permex rubber components give the Royal exceptional longevity, even in harsh water conditions. The Sloan Royal manual flushometer is available in a variety of models to suit any application including flush valves for urinals, floor mounted closets, wall mounted closets, concealed flushometers and specialty valves for bedpan washers and foot pedal flushometers. We carry all of the most popular Sloan Royal flushometers on including water saving models. We also carry all of the Sloan repair parts and tools you might need to keep your Royal flush valves running properly.

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