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BASYS Faucets

Sloan Basys Electronic Faucet

Sloan BASYS Faucets

Sloan’s BASYS automatic faucets are Sloan Valve’s latest faucet system. It stands for ‘basic system’ because of its interchangeable components which enable the unit to work with nearly any power source and flow rate. Basys automatic faucets can be designed to suit any application. Various models of the unit are designed to function with the following power sources: electronic, turbine, solar, battery operated or a combination of power sources as well. Aerators can be chosen to accommodate a variety of flow rates. Basys faucets are available in low, medium, and high profile models. These faucets are all serviced above deck and many parts in the units are interchangeable. Many Basys faucet units are vandal resistant and all are theft resistant. Learn more about Basys automatic faucets by Sloan by viewing individual faucets.
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