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Sloan Antimicrobial Flushometer Handle Assembly

Posted on April 12 2019

Sloan Antimicrobial Flushometer Handle Assembly


Flushometer handles are an item that no one likes to touch, and that sentiment holds especially true for public restrooms. Flushometer handles are touched by everyone who uses the toilet, making the handle of a flushometer a great place for harmful organisms to live. This is why replacing regular flushometer handles with antimicrobial treated flushometer handles is a great idea to help stop the spread of germs throughout your facility.

In this article, we share a replacement flushometer handle that has undergone an antimicrobial treatment. We also explain why this treatment is 10 times better than just using antimicrobial cleaning products, share what units the handle fits, and everything else you will want to learn before making the switch to an antimicrobial flushometer handle for your manually operated flush valves.


flushometer handle diagram

What is an Antimicrobial Handle Assembly?

In this article, the Antimicrobial Handle Assembly we are sharing is the only one like it in existence. The buying group that our parent company is a part of, Total Maintenance Solutions (TMS), developed this product with Sloan, who manufactures it. It is a factory-assembled flushometer handle assembly that has undergone antimicrobial treatment and comes pre-lubricated to assure long-life and reliable operation. The blue collar of the handle assembly identifies that it has been treated with SaniGuard®. The handle is also ADA compliant.


Understanding the SaniGuard Antimicrobial Treatment

The Saniguard antimicrobial treatment that this handle has undergone kills and stops the growth of bacteria, viruses, and germs. SaniGuard’s patented silver-based technology is actually built into the finish of the parts that have been treated with it, giving this handle permanent antimicrobial properties. This means that unlike using antimicrobial cleaning products on regular flush handles, the antimicrobial properties in this handle will continue to inhibit microbial growth for the entire life of the unit.

Antimicrobial flush handle 

What Flushometers Does this Handle Fit?

It fits all manual operation Sloan flushometers, installing easily into existing flushometer bodies. It also fits Zurn manual flushometer models as well.


Why Treat Flushometer Handles with Antimicrobial Properties?

Treating a flushometers handle with Saniguard is an opportune place for antimicrobial treatment for obvious reasons:

  1. Flushometers are located in restroom facilities, a place that has more potential for the transfer of harmful microbes like viruses, bacteria, and fungus.
  2. The fact that a flushometer handle is the part of the restroom fixture that is touched by users after they use the restroom facilities, and before they wash their hands.

Give patients, employees, children, customers and yourself a powerful new weapon in the fight against the spread of harmful organisms including germs, bacteria, and viruses by installing this Antimicrobial Handle Assembly in your restroom facilities.

Sloan Antimicrobial flushometer

Buy the Sloan Antimicrobial Handle Assembly now and protect your restroom visitors from the bacteria, viruses, and fungus found on regular manual flushometer handles.


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