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Understanding Sloan Solar Restroom Fixtures

Posted on May 04 2023

 Sloan Sloan Fixtures


Solar fixtures are used in restrooms more commonly than you may think. They are a popular choice for a variety of commercial facilities for several reasons. They are energy efficient, require less maintenance, and create a high-end aesthetic that is appealing to restroom patrons. Learn how solar fixtures work, best uses, and unit and model information in this Sloan solar fixture guide. 

How Solar Fixtures Work

Sloan’s solar powered fixtures utilize state of the art photovoltaic technology. The sensor assembly within the units is powered by a solar cell. That solar cell harvests power from the light source, stores it in a capacitor, and then uses it as the energy source when the unit is running. The solar cell provides approximately 100% power with 650 illuminance (lux).


When/if the solar power gets depleted, the back up batteries within the unit will be used until the unit is charged by the light source again. The type of backup batteries used by a particular fixture can vary depending on the unit. SOLIS flushometers and BASYS solar units use four (4) AA batteries.


Sloan solar faucet


“Why do I need a Solar Powered Fixture when my restrooms don’t get any natural sunlight?”

‘Solar Powered’ is a bit of a misnomer for these fixtures, and here’s why: Although Sloan’s solar powered flushometers, faucets, and soap dispensers can harvest energy from actual sunlight, most restrooms rarely get any sunlight. Sloan’s solar units not only harvest energy from sunlight, they also harvest energy from artificial lights too. They will charge from incandescent, fluorescent or LED artificial lights, which are all more commonly found in restrooms than sunlight.


Benefits of Solar Restroom Fixtures

  1. Energy Efficiency - Using natural or artificial light to power your restroom fixtures is a smart choice for your business or facility. Instead of relying on batteries or hardwiring, solar fixtures use energy that would otherwise be wasted. Solar powered units save you money by maximizing the costs you are already putting into your utility bills to light your restrooms.
  2. Less Maintenance - One of the most common maintenance tasks for sensor fixtures is replacing batteries. Since solar powered fixtures only use batteries when the stored solar energy is depleted, maintenance personnel will spend 50% less time changing batteries in solar fixtures than in regular sensor fixtures.
  3. High End Aesthetic - Sloan’s solar faucets, flushometers, and soap dispensers come in a variety of styles with unique, sleek, and angular shaped fixtures. These designs help facilities create the higher end aesthetic they seek to achieve in updated restrooms.


Sloan solar flushometer


Best Use of Solar Faucets, Flushometers, and Soap Dispensers

Sloan recommends using Solar fixtures in low to medium traffic applications. This gives the units an opportunity to charge between uses, and rely primarily on the stored solar energy instead of the backup batteries. 


Solar fixtures are great for many types of facilities. We have supplied commercial offices, retail buildings, schools, colleges, government buildings, public libraries, and hospitals with Sloan’s solar units.

Sloan Solar Powered Units

We can supply every item that Sloan manufactures. Many of those items we have in stock and ready to ship. However, not all models are listed on our website. View our online collection of the most popular solar fixtures and repair parts here. If you don’t see the model you need, give us a call at 800-442-6622 to place your order. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00AM - 4:00PM EST.


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