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Sloan Retrofit Kit Flushometer Comparison Guide

Posted on August 18 2020

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Retrofit flushometer solutions are a quick and easy way to turn an existing manual flushometer into a sensor operated flushometer. Retrofit kits decrease the number of touch points in a place where patrons dislike touching things the most: The restroom stall. In this article, we share all of the retrofit flushometer options available to you. We highlight the two quickest and easiest retrofit flush valve solutions: side mount operator retrofit kits, and over-the-handle retrofit operators. Read on to get help finding the right retrofit solution for your commercial facility. 


Why choose Sloan Retrofit Flushometer Kits?

Sloan is arguably the most popular flushometer manufacturer in the world, providing flush valves to commercial facilities for over 100 years. Their sensor-operated retrokit kits are designed to fit almost all exposed closet or urinal Sloan flushometers. Their retrofit kits fit Sloan Royal, Regal, Sloan, and Crown model flushometers, as well as many competitors’ manual flushometers. *Note that the retrofit options below are not suitable for GEM flushometers. Call us for GEM retrofit options.



Retrofit Flushometer Options

Sloan has a wide-variety of retrofit options to help you turn manual flushometers into sensor-operated units. Options include top mount and side mount retrofit solutions. Top mount retrofit options include SOLIS, SLOAN, ECOS, and G2 flushometers. Side mount retrofit options include Sloan EBV500A, EBV550A, EBV200A, EBV89A, EL600A, EL700A, and EL750A model units. View all of the retrofit products we sell online on our Retrofit Products page.


Sloan side mount retrofit flushometer photo


In this article, we focus on side mount retrofit solutions like the flushometer shown above. Side mount retrofit kits are a favorite for a couple of reasons:

  1. Side mounted retrofit kits are the easiest retrofit option to install.
    Side mount retrofit kits can be installed while the water is still on, and the over-the-handle options don’t even require any additional adjustments at all.
  2. Side mounted retrofit kits are the easiest sensor-operated flushometer to maintain. Side mounted retrofits are inexpensive and much more cost effective to replace than top mounted retrofit kits that are more expensive. 

So why do some facilities choose top mounted retrofit kits? Because top mounted models like the G2 are often found to be more aesthetically pleasing. Also, generally speaking, top mounted models like G2 units can be repaired, whereas when something goes wrong in a side mount operator, it is commonly just replaced instead of repaired. 



Side Mount Retrofit Kit Flushometer Chart

The chart below compares the following side mount models: Sloan EBV500A, Sloan EBV550A, Sloan EBV200A, and Sloan EBV89A. All four of these side mount kits are battery operated. The hardwired versions of the units are the following: model EBV500A is EL700AEBV550A is EL750A, and model EBV200A is EL600A-HW. Review the chart to learn what each unit features, and to find the right retrofit kit for your facility.


 Sloan Side Mount Comparison Chart


Save the Side Mount Retrofit Kit Flushometer Chart PDF so you can print it, send it to a colleague, or save it to reference later.



    Buy Side Mount Retrofit Kits for your facility through our website: 

    Sloan EBV-500-A

    Sloan EBV-500-A

      View Online


    Sloan EBV550A

    Sloan EBV-550-A 

      View Online


    Sloan EBV200A
    Sloan EBV-200-A

      View Online


    Sloan EBV-89-A

      View Online




    Looking to retrofit Sloan GEM 2 Flushometers?

    Three of the four options listed in the chart can be retrofitted to GEM 2 Flushometers with the addition of the Sloan EBV157 Flush Valve Adapter Assembly (Part #SP5524). The adapter enables the following side mount/over-the-handle retrofit kits to fit GEM 2 flushometers:

    • EBV-500-A Optima Plus Single Flush Side Mount Retrofit (Part #85606)
    • EBV-550-A Optima Plus Dual Flush Side Mount Retrofit (Part #85605)
    • EBV-89-A Retrofit Side Mount with Metal Cover (Part #08532)



    Order the Sloan retrofit flush valve kits you need on our website or over the phone.

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