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Sloan EL-750-A Dual Flush Side Mount Operator (Hardwired)



Part Number: #87853
Mfg No.: EL-750-A
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co


Quiet, Side Mount Operated True Mechanical Override Dual Flush Retrofit Unit converts existing manual flushometers into sensor-operated flushometers to provide users with a hands-free experience in commercial restrooms. Has a true mechanical override button so the user can also perform a flush should the flush not happen automatically. 


Quiet, Exposed, AC-powered, Sensor Activated, Dual Flush Retrofit conversion kits for exposed closet Sloan flushometers with the following features:
• ADA Compliant AC-powered infrared side mount sensor for automatic "No Hands" operation
• Chrome plated infrared sensor housing
• Non-Hold-Open True Mechanical Override Full Flush Button
• If the user is present for less than one minute and leaves the sensing zone or chooses the small Green override button, a reduced flush initiates (1.1 gpf)
eliminating liquid and paper waste, saving 1/2 gallon of water.
• If the user is present for greater than one minute and leaves the sensing zone or chooses the large Black override button, the full flush initiates (1.6 gpf)
eliminating solid and paper waste.
• Reduces water volume by up to 30% when a reduced flush occurs
• Sentinel flush (automatic 24-hour flush keep toilets clean)
• Initial setup range indicator (first 10 minutes)
• User-friendly three (3) second flush delay
• "User in View" flashing LED
• Can be installed when handle is on the left or right side of the valve
• Installation tools provided
• No external volume adjustment to ensure water conservation
• For closet applications only


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