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Sloan Flushometer Comparison Guide: Royal vs Regal

Posted on December 13 2017

Royal Regal Sloan Flushometer Comparison

Sloan is famous for the invention of the flushometer, and its position as a world leader in plumbing technology. Most people in the plumbing and maintenance industries have heard of the Royal and Regal styles of Sloan flushometers. But do you know what those names actually mean? This article will explain the differences between the Royal and Regal flushometers, and why the Royal is considered the king of flushometers. Scroll to the bottom of the article to see the Royal versus Regal Sloan Flushometer Comparison Chart, which is a great visual to see the differences between the very similar appearing Sloan flush valve models. After reading, view our Flushometer section and order all of the Sloan flushometers and repair parts needed for your facility from Sloan experts at

Sloan Royal Flushometer
Royal Flushometer

If you're looking for the best in the business, the Sloan Royal Flushometer is it. The technological advances made by Sloan over the years have kept the Royal ahead of its competitors. Constructed of high-quality components and durable materials, the Royal has set the standard for over 100 years.

The most important features of the Royal that differentiate it from the Regal are the dual filtered bypass and the use of Permex components. The dual filtered bypass is part of the diaphragm assembly and was introduced to the Sloan Royal in 1998. It is the main difference between pre and post 1998 Royal flushometers. The dual filtered bypass is named for the two holes in the diaphragm. There is only one hole in most other flushometers, including the Sloan Regal. Along with two plastic rings attached to the diaphragm, they help diffuse dirt and debris in the water and prevent clogging of the tiny hole through which water flows back into the upper chamber of the valve during a flush. The size of that small hole is crucial to resetting the pressure in the valve during a flush.

*Tip: That is why no one should ever try to enlarge the hole or clean it with a paperclip or any other sharp instrument.

Enlarging this hole will cause the valve to reset too early, and result in a short flush. Sometimes dirt or debris will clog the hole, preventing the valve from resetting. This results in a continuous flush. The dual filtered bypass is designed to minimize the potential for clogging. If the bypass does happen to clog, all you need to do is remove the plastic rings, and rinse the diaphragm.

Sloan Regal Flushometer

Regal Flushometer

In the Regal, there is no bypass to catch or diffuse debris, so if the hole becomes enlarged or damaged, you need to replace the whole diaphragm. Imagine the cost to a sports stadium that uses all Regal valves. Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, for example, has over 800 water closets. If there is a water main break outside the stadium, and the water becomes contaminated with dirt and gets into the plumbing system, they would have to disassemble and replace every single diaphragm if they used Sloan Regals instead of Royals. The cost in labor and parts would be quite substantial. This is one of the reasons why the Royal is considered the top of the line.

Another feature that separates the Royal from the Regal is the use of a synthetic rubber called Permex. It is used in components such as the diaphragm, handle packing, and vacuum breaker. The Regal uses regular rubber, which deteriorates over time due to chloramine in the water. You may have noticed this deterioration as a black residue on your fingers when handling older diaphragms, gaskets, or flappers. Permex, however, is highly resistant to chloramine and will last up to four times longer. That's quite a substantial savings in parts and labor over time. Permex helps make the Royal the most durable flushometer on the market.

Sloan Regal Royal Comparison Chart


Several other features set the Royal above the Regal, including the high-performance vacuum breaker. Both the Royal and Regal vacuum breakers prevent the contamination of the potable water system in the event of backflow. But the Regal vacuum breaker can get stuck in a closed position during back pressure. The Royal vacuum breaker has a skirt that prevents it from getting stuck. To fix the Regal, you would need to disassemble the valve and manually push the vacuum breaker back into place. Having Royal flushometers would save you a lot of time and labor in this situation. The Royal also has a triple seal handle packing, also made of durable Permex. The vandal resistant stop cap is another feature unique to the Royal. Instead of being threaded, it spins in place, making it extremely difficult to remove.

The Regal is still an excellent option if you're looking for a more affordable unit for a low traffic restroom. It is manufactured with the same high standards you've come to expect from Sloan. It just doesn't have some of the same, longer lasting components as the Royal. But if you're installing it in an area that doesn't get used very often, it won't be an issue. The Regal would be a smart, cost-effective choice in that situation.

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