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New Urinal Screens with Deodorizer and Anti-Splash Technology

Posted on February 18 2019

Anti Splash Urinal Screens Banner

New and improved Urinal Screens with Deodorizer and Anti-Splash Technology is the answer to a variety of the problems you face in the men's restrooms at your facility. Read on to learn how our latest urinal screens will make your men's restrooms smell better for a longer period of time, while also making them more hygienic with less urine splatter.


Urine Splatter: Now Eliminated

Did you know that up to five feet of the area surrounding a urinal is affected by urine splatter? Yuck! This creates a messier restroom, and an unhygienic environment for the people who use that urinal.  No one wants to leave a restroom with their own or someone else’s waste all over them.


New Anti-Splash Urinal Screens

Restrooms are a very important element of any public building or facility. If these areas are perceived as dirty and unhealthy, they will drive people away.  Don’t let that happen in your building! Equiparts has an amazing new product that will virtually eliminate urine splash back forever! Meet Anti-Splash Urinal Screens. They are manufactured with a patented sealed bristle technology. These specially designed bristles keep liquids inside the urinal, and off of the surrounding floor, walls, and more importantly, the users.


"It’s pretty amazing to see these screens in action. You have to try them for yourself!"


Another amazing thing about these urinal screens is that they are biodegradable, and 100% recyclable. So not only can you feel good about creating a restroom environment that people can enjoy, you can also feel good that you are doing your part to protect the environment by utilizing recyclable, biodegradable screens. No more worry about plastic urinal screens sitting in landfills for thousands of years. These eco-friendly screens are a great way to make your facility a greener place.


What's the Difference Between Power Screen and Heavy Duty Urinal Screens?

The two types of anti-splash screens Equiparts carries are Power Screen and Heavy Duty. The Heavy Duty Screens are designed for buildings with heavy restroom traffic, such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, convention centers, sports arenas, etc. Each type comes in a variety of pleasant scents and colors. A proprietary resin embedded with antimicrobial technology is built-in to the screens and is infused with a timed-release deodorant that is liquid activated. This will keep your restroom smelling fresh for up to 60 days with the Heavy Duty Screens, and 30 days with the Power Screens.


Anti Splash Urinal Screens - Heavy Duty

Anti Splash Urinal Screen - Heavy Duty

Anti Splash Urinal Screens - Power Screen

Urinal Screens - Power Screen


What Makes These Urinal Screens a Great Addition to Your Restroom Facilities?

  • They help keep restrooms cleaner by eliminating urine splatter.
  • They improve restroom smell with deodorant technology in four different scents
  • They last longer than other urinal screens with a life of 30-60 days. 
  • They also fit all urinal styles and sizes.


These urinal screens are a very cost-effective, multifunctional item that greatly improves men's restroom facilities in a variety of ways. They are designed to be replaced monthly or bi-monthly, making them an easy item to replace during routine hygiene services. Their flexible design conforms to all urinals, making them ideal for facilities with a variety of urinal types. This means that these urinal screens are also well-suited for waterfree urinals and other urinals that may have a more unique bowl shape. 


Where to Buy Scented Urinal Screens

Create a better user experience for your building or facility and order these revolutionary screens today! Order urinal screens with deodorizer from us. You can either place your order here on or by giving us a call at 800-442-6622 or 412-781-9100 Monday-Friday 7:30AM-5:00 PM EST.


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