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Solenoid Troubleshooting Sloan Faucets

Posted on March 18 2019

Solenoid Troubleshooting Sloan Faucets

Solenoids are one of the most frequent items in an electronic faucet that need to be replaced. In this article, learn common problems that occur when troubleshooting a Sloan automatic faucet and the potential causes. Use the resources shared at the end of this Sloan sensor faucet troubleshooting article to find the right solenoid replacement for your faucet or view parts breakdowns to identify other parts you may need.


Common Sloan Solenoid Problems


Problem #1: Erratic Valve Noises
When a buzzing or hammering sound is emitted when operating the faucet, that signifies a problem with the solenoid due to the pipe or water pressure. These erratic valve noises can be caused by a couple of different factors:

  • A big difference in pressure between the inlet and outlets
  • High-pressure water traveling through a pipe with too small of a diameter
  • A bad solenoid will click at a very low tone.

These problems will need to be fixed to stop the solenoid from emitting these hammering or buzzing sounds.


Problem #2: Partially Closed Valves
When valves fail to close properly, then the faucet can leak. This can be caused by a variety of reasons and many areas within the faucet will need to be reviewed, including checking the connections, components, and diaphragm. If the culprit of the valve is not found, then the solenoid might simply need to be replaced.


Problem #3: Valve Will Not Open
When a faucet valve will not open, it can malfunction due to a multitude of reasons, including the following: power failure, uneven pressure, corrosion, missing parts, wrong voltage, dirt in the diaphragm, and other reasons. This means that you have to narrow down the causes to find the culprit.


Once you have finished troubleshooting your Sloan automatic faucet and found the solenoid to be the culprit, then choosing the right solenoid replacement for your faucet is the next step. Here are some resources to help you easily find and buy the correct solenoid needed to fix your faucets:


Sloan Optima Faucet Solenoid Troubelshooting

Sloan Optima Solenoid Replacement Guide
Utilize our Sloan Optima solenoid replacement chart to easily find the right solenoid for your Sloan Optima faucet. This units included in the Optima series include the following faucet models: EBF-625, EBF-655, EBF-650, EBF-615, EBF-550, EBF-550-S, EBF-750, EBF-750-S, EBF-755, EBF-85, EBF-187, ETF-80, ETF-500, ETF-600, ETF-610, ETF-660, ETF-700, ETF-770, ETF-800, ETF-880, EAF-100, EAF-150, EAF-275 (Solar), EAF-350, EAF-700, and EAF-750. Plus, learn how to identify the difference between old and new solenoids in this article.


Sloan BASYS Faucet Solenoid Troubleshooting

Sloan BASYS Solenoid Replacement Guide
Utilize our Sloan BASYS solenoid replacement chart to easily find then buy the right solenoid for your Sloan BASYS faucet. This includes all faucet models in the BASYS faucet series (EXF300, EFX350, EFX375, EFX377, EFX380, EFX650, EFX675, EFX677, EFX680, EFX200, EFX250, EFX275, EFX277, EFX280, EFX100, EFX150, EFX177, EFX180, EFX800, EFX850, EFX875, and EFX877).


Sloan Faucet Parts Breakdowns
For help finding other replacement parts for your Sloan faucets, utilize our photographic parts breakdowns. Unlike our competitors that simply share the line drawings supplied by Sloan, we remake Sloan's parts breakdowns with our high-quality, parts photos, making part identification easier for you. View our Sloan Faucet Parts Breakdowns.




Solenoid Troubleshooting Sloan Faucets Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why won’t my Sloan sensor faucet stop running?
A: Read problem 32 listed above, it can be for a multitude of reasons, but if you cannot find the culprit, you may simply need to replace the solenoid since it will need to be replaced at some point.


Q: How do I know if my solenoid is bad?
A: When the solenoid in your faucet is bad, your faucet will not functioning properly. It can cause the valves to only partially close and leak, or stop the valve from opening at all.


Q: Can a solenoid be repaired?
A: No, when a Sloan solenoid is bad, it is designed to simply be replaced, not repaired.


Q: Will a bad solenoid click?
A: A bad solenoid can sometimes emit clicking sounds at a very low tone.


Q: What causes solenoid failure?
A: Solenoid failure is usually due to mineral deposit build up around the magnet, which is caused by hard water.