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Sloan Vacuum Breaker Replacement Guide

Posted on May 24 2019

Sloan Complete Vacuum Breaker Replacement Guide


Vacuum breakers are a very important component of flushometers. As with all things, they will eventually break down and need to be replaced in order for the valve to function properly. Complete vacuum breakers include the Sloan vacuum breaker tube, the vacuum breaker kit, and the nut that connects the tube to the valve body. This is everything needed to completely replace all vacuum breaker components within a flushometer.

Like many plumbing repair parts, complete vacuum breakers are sold in a variety of sizes, which can make replacement confusing. This article is designed to make Sloan vacuum breaker replacement easy. Here we will review the differences between new style (Sloan V600AA) and old style complete vacuum breakers (Sloan V500AA.) We’ll also help you determine what size vacuum breaker you need. We have created a sizing chart with direct links to our full collection of complete Sloan vacuum breakers so you can easily find and purchase the Sloan OEM parts needed to get your flushometers in proper working order with a new complete vacuum breaker.


The Difference Between Old and New Sloan Vacuum Breakers

Complete vacuum breakers are available in a variety of sizes, and also with regular tubes and offset tubes. Sloan vacuum breaker model numbers that start with V-500 contain old style repair kits and V-600 contain new style repair kits. You can learn the difference between old and new style vacuum breaker repair kits in our vacuum breaker repair kit article. The other difference between old and new style vacuum breakers are Aesthetic Improvements. New style vacuum breakers (Sloan V600AA)  have a more modern look than old-style vacuum breakers (Sloan V500AA). They no longer have a visible seam between the nut and the piece below, making the vacuum breaker and overall flushometer look more seamless and modern.  


Sloan Vacuum Breaker Size Chart

This chart will enable you to easily find and purchase the best-suited Sloan OEM replacement parts needed to get your flushometers in proper working order. It includes all of the complete Sloan vacuum breaker sizes we offer. The chart also contains an image of the vacuum breaker unit, the Equiparts part number, the dimensions of the vacuum breaker, which style it is, and what Sloan model number it is. Use this chart to find the vacuum breaker needed to repair your Sloan flushometer. Insert the part number in our search bar located in the upper right corner of our site to view the product listing and add it to your cart to purchase.

Sloan Vacuum Breaker Size Chart

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Vacuum Breaker FAQs


Q: How does a customer know what diameter vacuum breaker to order?
A: The diameter of the replacement vacuum breaker needs to match the diameter of the flushometer coupling assembly. You can find this by measuring the flushometer inlet diameter, or by looking up the spec sheet for the flushometer.

Closet versus Urinal Flushometer Vacuum Breaker

Q: What’s the difference between closet and urinal vacuum breakers?
A: All closet vacuum breakers are 1-1/2 inch in diameter. Urinal vacuum breakers, however, are tapered and come in three different sizes. The most common urinal vacuum breaker tapers from 1-1/2” where the vacuum breaker sits in the tube down to 3/4” of an inch (which is around the diameter of your thumb)   Other urinals, primarily older units, can have 1-1/4” vacuum breakers which taper from 1-1/2” where the vacuum breaker sits in the tube down to 1-1/4” at the bottom . This is a subtle taper with the tube only reducing slightly in diameter at the taper.  Although less often, some old urinals will have straight 1-1/2” vacuum breakers with no taper.

View the 3/4" x 9" urinal vacuum breaker. Tapers from 1-1/2" (top) to 3/4" (bottom)

View the 1-1/4" x 9" urinal vacuum breaker. Tapers from 1-1/2" (top) to 1-1/4" (bottom)

View the 1-1/2" x 9" vacuum breaker. No taper.

Q: Why order the 2-inch offset vacuum breaker?
A: You may need to order a 2” offset vacuum breaker when a toilet/urinal fixture or flushometer is being replaced, and there is now a gap where the water comes out. This is also a common item for hospital facilities to order for various reasons.

Q: What is the most popular finish for flushometers?
A: Chrome.

Q: How does a customer know what length vacuum breaker to order?
A: Most vacuum breakers are 9” in length unless you are replacing a vacuum breaker in a bedpan washer flushometer, then the replacement vacuum breaker is longer.

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