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Top Plumbing Accessories and Tools for Facility Managers

Posted on July 10 2019


Top Plumbing Accessories and Tools for Facility Managers

Find a variety of plumbing accessories and tools that every facility manager should have in this article. The specialty plumbing tools, restroom signs, and other helpful plumbing accessories will make every facility managers job easier. Here we share our favorite tools for expedited restroom maintenance, carrying bags to help keep your facility sanitary, commercial cleaning agents that work magic, and restroom out of order signs to help you notify patrons of areas closed for maintenance or out of order, no magic marker required. 

The plumbing tools and accessories we share in this article are organized by the following categories. Click on the titles below to jump down to the section that interests you most, or simply scroll down to view them all.

Specialty Plumbing Tools and Carrying Cases
Commercial Cleaning Chemicals
Restroom Signs



 Specialty Plumbing Tools and Carrying Cases

Master Fliushometer Tool Kit

Master Flushometer Tool Kit

Our custom-made Master Flushometer Tool Kit was built with facility managers in mind. It includes all of the top tools needed for flushometer repairs altogether in a handy carrying case. 

The kit includes the following:
Offset Non-Marking Valve Wrench
Cover And Nut Removing Tool
Tailpiece Removing Tool
Spud Wrench
Safety Goggles
• Pair of Maxidry Gloves XL
• 12" Canvas Tool Bag

View our Master Flushometer Tool Kit in our shop and add it to your cart. 



Faucet Handle Puller

This faucet handle puller is a tool that makes removing faucet and shower handles easy. Faucet handles and shower handles can be hard to remove because they are removed seldom becoming tight and more snug with debris. This faucet handle puller tool removed both small and large handles. It features long adjustable grip fingers. 4-inch bracket width. 5-inch long gripper fingers. View the Faucet Handle Puller product listing.



Strap Wrench 

Heavy Duty Strap Wrench

This simple yet important tool is a must-have for facility personnel who perform maintenance on chrome-plated flushometers, tub spouts, shower arms, and other surfaces that are prone to scratches and getting damaged by regular metal wrenches. This wrench functions with a nylon reinforced rubber strap, which keeps the surfaces scratch-free. This is important to increase the longevity of your fixtures. View the Heavy Duty Strap Wrench in our store.



Auger Carrying Case

Auger Carrying Case

This Auger Carrying Case is a great way to keep it professional when transporting an auger throughout your facility. No mess, no hassle, more sanitary. Features a mesh side panel for air circulation. View the Auger Carrying Case



Plunger Carrying Case

Plunger Carrying Case

Get a Plunger Carrying Case for a sanitary solution to walking around with a dripping plunger while you're at it! Also includes mesh side panel for air circulation. View the Plunger Carrying Case.

See more of our online tool and carrying case offerings in our Tool category.



Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

 Saniguard Total Release Fogger 8oz

Saniguard Total Release Fogger 8oz

A sanitizing fogger that kills 99.99% of the top 39 germs, bacteria, viruses & fungus in mere seconds and dries on contact with no residue is a fantastic item to use in commercial facilities, especially facilities like schools, hospitals, airports, gyms, prisons, and other high traffic facilities where germs are more easily spread. Available in 3-ounce bottles and case quantities. Click the link to view the 8-ounce Saniguard Total Release Fogger in our store.




Wipe Off Vandalism Mark Remover

Wipe Off Vandalism Mark Remover 16.5oz

 Wipe Off is a graffiti removing spray that removes a variety of marks and materials from non-porous surfaces. For example, Wipe Off will fully remove permanent marker from stainless steel partition doors in seconds. It removed all of the following from a variety of hard surfaces: spray paint, ballpoint inks, marker inks, stencil inks, mimeo inks, printer's ink, lipsticks, crayons, permanent marker, pencil marks, scuff marks, tape residue, road tar, and more. View Wipe Off Vandalism Mark Remover in our store and add it to your cart to keep this specialty commercial cleaning product in your arsenal. 




Urinal Scale Remover

Urinal Scale Remover 32oz.

This Urinal Scale Remover is a specialty scale remover designed for commercial application. It successfully removes limescale, calcium, uric acid, and rust build-up. Designed for use on urinals, drains, and wash basins. It is an environmentally conscious cleaning product that is phosphate free, biodegradable and free of VOC's. See the Urinal Scale Remover listed in our store to view it's spec sheet and/or add it to your order today. 



Restroom Signs 

out of service restroom sign

Restroom Stall Block-Aide

This Restroom Stall Block-Aide is a 2-in-1 restroom stall out of service sign and stall lock in one! Just slide it in between the stall partitions and it will lock the door, preventing them from entering a stall when it's out of service. Easy to use and 100% Reusable. View the Restroom Stall Block-Aide in our online store.



Closed for Maintenance Sign

Closed for Maintenance Sign

 This Closed for Maintenance Sign is designed for use in public restrooms. It's a professional quality sign that alerts patrons that an area or restroom is closed for maintenance. This sign is great to use for routine maintenance, especially in areas where maintenance happens during business hours. The sign functions with a tension rod that locks into spaces and doorways up to 60 inches wide. View the Closed for Maintenance Sign product listing.



More Information 

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