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Sloan Optimix Faucets with Anti-Scald Technology

Posted on January 19 2021

Sloan Optimix Faucets with Anti-Scald Technology

Sloan has just launched a new faucet line! Introducing Sloan Optimix Faucets, featuring anti-scald technology. This new technology has been added to some of Sloan’s most popular faucet models, creating new model variations that ensure a safe water temperature for each and every hand washing experience.


What is Optimix Technology?

Optimix technology is an integrated thermostatic mixing valve located within the faucet that mixes hot and cold water to create the perfect, not-too-hot and not-too-cold water temperature. The water is mixed as it goes through the spout of the faucet to provide comfortable and safe water temperatures at the sink for all patrons.


Setting the temperature:

The facility manager or end user controls the temperature of the water flowing out of the faucet by turning a small lever located on the right side of the faucet base. This control lever can be removed after setting the desired temperature in facilities where vandal-resistance is a priority.


ASSE 1070 Compliance:

Optimix Faucets are ASSE 1070 compliant. This remains true even in the event of a cold water failure. 


Sloan Optimix Faucets


What Facility Types Need Anti-Scald Faucets?

Every public facility should provide safe water to patrons and employees. This is especially true in facilities where children, the elderly, and disabled individuals may be present. Schools, hospitals, and nursing homes should all be outfitted with anti-scald faucets. However, water that is too hot can scald anyone, not just children, the elderly, and disabled people. This is why we recommend anti-scald faucets be installed in all buildings, especially commercial facilities. Installing faucets like Optimix is an easy way to guarantee that every person using that faucet will be comfortable and safe.


Which Optima Faucets have Optimix Technology? 

Optimix technology has been added to the following Sloan faucet models: the Optima EAF-200, 250, and 275. These new faucets are known as Optimix Faucets. These are all deck-mounted, mid body faucets. The EAF-200 is hardwired, the EAF-250 is battery-powered, and the EAF-275 is solar-powered.


What sets Optimix anti-scald faucets apart from other anti-scald options?

  • Lower Installation Costs. Since Optimix faucets include the thermostatic mixing valve within the faucet, the installation is simplified, reducing labor time and costs by up to 30%. 
  • Safe water 100% of the time. Optimix faucets dispense comfortable water at all times, unlike regular faucets that may dispense water that is too hot, and therefore unsafe. This happens most often when cold water is running low. Optimix keeps water temperatures safe even when there is a cold water failure. 
  • Durable and beautiful fixture design. Optima faucets are arguably Sloan’s best faucet model. They have been around for decades because they are built with the best materials (solid cast brass), and feature timeless designs that are aesthetically pleasing and have outstanding functionality in a wide variety of commercial applications.


Sloan Optimix Faucet Models

Sloan has developed Optimix faucets for their EAF-200, 250, and 275 series faucets. We have added the most popular models (EAF-250) to our website. However, we carry all models available from Sloan. Give us a call to order hardwired (EAF-200) or solar-powered (EAF-275) Optimix faucet options. The battery-powered EAF-250 Optimix models are listed below with links to their listings on our website so you can buy online. 


Optimix Technology Faucet

0.35 GPM EAF-250 Optimix Faucet (Battery-Powered)
Part Number: #48669 
Manufacturer Number: EAF-250-BAT-CP-0.35GPM-MLM-IR-IQ-FCT
Sloan Code Number: 3335183
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0.5 GPM EAF-250 Optimix Faucet (Battery-Powered)

Part Number: #48675
Manufacturer Number: EAF-250-BAT-CP-0.5GPM-AER-IR-IQ-FCT
Sloan Code Number: 3335184
View Online

1.0 GPM EAF-250 Optimix Faucet (Battery-Powered)
Part Number: #48676 
Manufacturer Number: EAF-250-BAT-CP-1.0GPM-LAM-IR-IQ-FCT
Sloan Code Number: 3335185
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*Note: Colors shown in unit images above for illustrative purposes only.


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