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Sloan Flushometer Maintenance Tips

Posted on May 12 2021

Sloan Flushometer Maintenance Tips


Learn the best practices for maintaining flushometers as told by a Sloan technician in this article. Learn what tools to use, what tools to avoid, and some nuanced tips you can’t find anywhere else. This flushometer maintenance tips list is from Dominick P., Sloan’s Senior Technician, Field and Technical Support. 

*If you’re looking for flushometer troubleshooting tips like the flush being too short, and other issues, then you should read our 7 Flush Valve Troubleshooting Tips article too. 

Included in the list are Dominick’s top 7 maintenance tips for Sloan flushometers, in no specific order.


7 Flushometer Maintenance Tips

  1. Do not use teflon tape except when adding the control stop. 

  2. Carry a white towel or paper towel to catch the water and see the debris that may spill out from the flushometer. This can tell you what kind of debris is causing the issue. 

  3. Tighten couplings and covers by hand, and then make snug with a strap wrench or fixed smooth-jawed wrench so that you don’t mark up the finish of the flushometer.

  4. Carry 100% silicone grease. Use it when replacing or reinserting o-rings to help them glide into place. 

  5. Use a brass bristle brush to clean threading.

  6. Wet gaskets prior to installation.

  7. Clean flushometers with soap and water only so that you do not damage the finish. 



Who should learn about flushometer maintenance?
Anyone who services the flushometers in a facility. This includes property managers, facility managers, maintenance personnel, and plumbers. 


Which flushometers do these tips apply to?
Generally, these tips can apply to all flushometers, however, these tips are specific to Sloan flushometers. The tips are relevant for all of Sloan’s flushometers, no matter if they are for urinals, closets, sensor, manual, or special finish fixtures. 


Where can I find recommended tools for flushometer maintenance?
We sell all of the specialty tools needed to repair flushometers. It’s important to use the right tools so that you do not damage the valve. Read our Flushometer Tool Guide to view a diagram of where the tools are to be used, full descriptions of how they are to be used, and what flushometers the tools are to be used on. We also make a Master Flushometer Tool Kit that contains all of the top tools and items needed to service a variety of flushometers. Worth checking out! You can also find all of the tools we sell via this website on our Plumbing Tools page.


Are there parts kits for specific flushometer models?
Yes. We make custom Master Repair Kits in-house. They are packed in heavy-duty metal boxes with dividers to help keep you organized. They include a label attached to the inside of the lid which shows you which parts are in which compartments. The part numbers are included on the label to make it easy to reorder parts as you run out.  Keep all of your flushometer parts in specific places with one handy kit! We have Master Repair Kits for all of the most popular Sloan flushometers and faucets. Learn more about them, and find the kit that you need in our Sloan Repair Kits article.


Are there any additional guides to help me order the right parts for my flushometer?
We publish new guides and articles frequently to help you keep your fixtures in top shape. To stay informed, Sign Up for our Newsletter, and we will email you twice a month. We’ll let you know whenever a new article is published, or when there are new items on the website.


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