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Find Sloan flushometers,  faucets, china fixtures, plumbing parts and accessories. Minimum Order $50.

Quick Guide to Finding the Right Repair Tool for your Flushometer

1. #08047 - Sloan Super Wrench
2. #08010 - Cover and Nut Removing Tool
3. #08070 - Non-Marking Valve Wrench
4. #08063 - Tailpiece Removing Tool
5. #03118HD - Spud Wrench
6. #34727 - Heavy Duty Strap Wrench (Not Pictured)

Find all of the Sloan tools needed to service your flushometers, perform ongoing maintenance, and replace broken parts quickly and easily with help from this flushometer tool diagram. This diagram shows you which tools are used in various areas of flush valves and the descriptions below describe how to the tools are used, and on which parts they are needed, and what models they can be used on.

Sloan Super Wrench for Flush Valve Repair


Sloan Super Wrench, $37.90 
Part #08047
This Sloan Super Wrench can be used on every exposed nut and hex on any flush valve, including flush valves by Sloan, Zurn, Toto, and other brands too. The Sloan Super Wrench is marked in each area with the Sloan OEM number of the part of the flushometer the tool is meant to fix. This makes it very easy to use on Sloan flushometers. View the Sloan Super Wrench in our online store now and outfit your facility with the tools needed to complete your flush valve repairs.
Cover and Nut Remover Tool for Sloan Flushometer Repairs
Cover and Nut Removing Tool$11.75
Part #08010
Aptly named, this tool enables users to remove nuts and covers from Sloan flush valves. This tool has a different grip from the Sloan Super Wrench, which can be helpful in certain situations, depending on the circumstances by providing more leverage. Click to view the Cover and Nut Removing Tool on our website.
Non-Marking Offset Adjustable Valve Wrench
Non-Marking Offset Adjustable Valve Wrench$39.90
Part #08070
The Non-Marking Offset Adjustable Valve Wrench does everything the Sloan Super Wrench can do and even more. Because this wrench is adjustable, it can be used for a variety of plumbing repairs. The smooth jaw ensures that you won’t scratch any of the chrome plating or other specialty finishes found on flush valves. This tool can also be used to complete faucet, fitting, and tubular repairs. View the Non-Marking Offset Adjustable Valve Wrench webstore listing.
Tailpiece removing tool for flush valve repairs
Tailpiece Removing Tool$22.85
Part #08063
The tool is mandatory if you need to remove a tailpiece from a Sloan flushometer. Oftentimes when you are upgrading a urinal or toilet, you need to change the rough-in in order to make the new fixture fit, so the tailpiece needs to be removed. Use of other tools for this task will result in frustration, and might even damage the tailpiece. This tool works internally, which prevents damage to the chrome finish of the tailpiece. Click to view Tailpiece Removing Tool product page.
Spud Wrench for plumbing repairs
Spud Wrench$15.75
Part #03118HD

This tool is simple - it removes spuds. This heavy-duty spud wrench is rugged and adjustable, and works for most any spud with a capacity of 1”-4”. View the Spud Wrench in our online store.
Heavy Duty Strap Wrench for Top Mount Sensor Activated Flushometers

Heavy Duty Strap Wrench$10.75
Part #34727

This tool is designed to remove top mount Sensor Activated Flushometer Head Assemblies. Using this tool to remove the head assembly instead of using another wrench will prevent marking or damaging the unit. View the Heavy Duty Strap Wrench in our online store.


At Sloan Repair, we carry all of the tools needed to service flush valves, faucets, and other fixtures. View our plumbing tools page to see which tools are listed online and place your order, or give us a call to inquire about any tools that you need but do not see listed on our site by calling our toll-free phone number at 800-442-6622 Mon-Fri 7:30am-5pm EST