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Sloan Repair Parts: How to Find Parts

Posted on March 08 2021

Sloan repair parts for sale


Finding the right repair parts for your fixtures is no easy task when you aren’t sure what parts you need, or what model units the parts are for. That’s where comes in to help you find all of the Sloan repair parts needed for your Sloan fixtures. Not only do we carry Sloan flush valve parts, but we also provide our online customers with a ton of resources to help you find the parts you need more easily and purchase with more confidence that what you're ordering is the right repair part for your fixtures. 

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Sloan Repair Part Resources

Using to Find a Specific Part

Sloan Repair Part FAQs


Facts about working with and our support team:

We have been providing our customers with Sloan repair parts for nearly 50 years. Unlike other Sloan resellers you find online, we know Sloan’s parts. We will work with you to make sure you are ordering the right part you need, the first time. Remember that you can always give us a call if you have a question about a part before placing your order. 

We were the very first authorized Sloan repair parts center. Now, we have turned our expertise into an online resource center to help you find and buy the Sloan parts needed to keep your facility in working order. 


Sloan Repair Part Resources

Sloan Repair Part Resources

At, we like to provide our customers with full information, so if you want to learn about the parts that need to be replaced throughout your facility, you can. Many of our resources and guides are designed to aid in understanding how fixtures work, so you can more easily maintain and repair them. 

Here is a list of our most popular repair part resources listed by part type. Click on the article title to learn more about that type of Sloan repair part.


Hard to find Sloan repair parts

How to Find a Specific Part on


As a commercial plumbing parts distributor, we provide hundreds of facility engineers, plumbers and maintenance technicians with all of the fixtures and maintenance repair parts needed to keep your Sloan units in proper working order. Here are some ways that you can use our website to find the Sloan plumbing parts needed for your facility:


  1. Use the Search Box

If you know the model number of the repair part you need, simply type it in the search box in the upper right area of our website to find it. If it doesn’t come up first try, then try entering it with or without dashes or by the name of the product instead of the model number. 


  1. Search by Fixture Model 

Let's say you’re looking for an electronic module for a G2 urinal. Then you could use the main navigation to find it. For example, hover over Flushometers, then Sensor Flushometer Parts, then click on G2 Parts. There in that section you will find a part labelled ‘Electronic Module G2 - Urinal, which is the part you are looking for. 


  1. Search by Repair Part Type

If you don’t know the name of the model fixture the repair part is for, or that is simply not relevant for the part(s) you need to find, then you can also search by part type. Hover over Repair Parts, then hover over Repair Parts by Type. The following menu will pop up that lets you view parts by type:


So whether you’re here looking for Sloan flush valve parts, Sloan faucet parts, or other Sloan plumbing parts, know that you are in the right online store. We can get you any repair part the Sloan makes. We also have thousands of Sloan repair parts in stock and ready to ship.


Sloan repair part FAQs

Sloan Repair Parts FAQs


Q: How do I identify a Sloan flush valve?
A: You can identify a Sloan flushometer a couple different ways. On the flush valve, there is an identification sticker on the bottom backside of the valve body. On OEM Sloan repair parts, the model number will also be engraved in the vacuum breaker, cap, and cover as well.


Q: What are the most common problems Sloan solenoids have? 
A: Erratic valve noises, partially closed valves, or the valve will not open. Learn more about these common solenoid issues in our Sloan solenoid troubleshooting article.


Q: How long should Sloan repair parts last?
A: This will depend on a few factors - the type of part it is, what model flushometer it is used for, and installation location factors like water quality, if vandalism occurs, proper installation, and proper part replacement. However, in broad terms, Sloan flush valves and Sloan repair parts have a longer life expectancy than other industry units and parts. Sloan repair parts are estimated to last between one to five years longer than similar parts manufactured by other vendors.


Q: I need help troubleshooting my Sloan faucet. Where should I go?
A: Identify which Sloan faucet model you have, then find that model in our Sloan faucet troubleshooting guides. Review the troubleshooting Q&A underneath the parts breakdown for answers to specific troubleshooting issues related to that faucet model. After that, use our photographic parts breakdown to identify the parts you need to make your repairs. 


Q: How do I know which vacuum breaker size to order for my flush valve?
A: Most vacuum breakers are 9-inches in length, unless you are ordering a vacuum breaker for a bedpan washer assembly, then you need a longer one. Closet vacuum breakers are 1-1/2 inch in diameter and urinal vacuum breakers are tapered and come in three different sizes, the most common tapers from 1-½ inch where the vacuum breaker sits in the tube down to ¾-inch. 


Q: What’s the difference between dual-filtered and single filtered diaphragm kits?
A: Sloan came out with Permex diaphragm assemblies in 1998. Dual-filtered diaphragms feature a dual-filtered bypass, meaning that instead of only one bypass hole for water to filter through, there are two. This lessens the strain on the bypass and makes clogging less likely. These improvements resulted in diaphragm assemblies that last up to 4 times longer than the old rubber diaphragms.


Q: What’s the difference between old and new Sloan vacuum breaker repair kits?
A: New style vacuum breaker repair kits are constructed of Permex – a durable synthetic rubber that can last up to four times longer than regular rubber. The specially designed tri-wing shape is now recessed up into the rubber sleeve. They have a straight sleeve shape, whereas the old-style rubber inserts had a duck-bill shape. Modern low-flow toilets and urinals create more back-pressure than older fixtures. This pressure is what causes most vacuum breaker leaks. Old style vacuum breakers are not designed to handle the back-pressure of newer low-flow fixtures. The careful design of the shape of the new-style vacuum breakers is what helps stop increased back pressure from causing leaks in low-flow units.


Q: How do I adjust the control stop on my flushometer?
A: Control stops are fairly easy to adjust. Read the directions in our Control Stop Guide to learn how to adjust a control stop in a flushometer.


Get answers to more FAQ’s about using our website on the Frequently Asked Questions Page.