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Sloan Flushometer Tailpiece Removal and Replacement

Posted on December 13 2021

Sloan flush valve tailpiece


Sloan tailpiece

What is a tailpiece? The tailpiece is the part of a flushometer that connects the valve body to the control stop. Sloan tailpieces are threaded into the valve body at the factory. (This is the case for both adjustable and ground joint tailpieces.) Most Sloan flushometers sold since 1964 feature an adjustable tailpiece.

Tailpieces do not need to be replaced often, although there are times when they do need to be replaced. Listed below are three instances when a Sloan tailpiece would need to be replaced:

  1. If you need a different size. Tailpieces come in different sizes for different rough-ins, so if the valve was installed improperly, or the plumbing was not put in correctly, getting a different sized tailpiece could resolve the problem. 
  2. If it is leaking at the threads where the tailpiece connects to the valve body. Leaking where the tailpiece meets the valve body is a sign that the tailpiece needs to be replaced. 
  3. If someone marks up the tailpiece with a wrench, or damages the finish on it. Using the wrong tools and cleaning products on a flushometer can destroy the chrome-plated finish of the unit. 


If there is water leaking from where the control stop slides over the tailpiece, that is a sign that the o-ring in the adjustable tailpiece needs to be replaced. To resolve this issue, you will need to pull the control stop off, replace the o-ring, and put the stop back on. A leak in this location doesn’t usually mean that the tailpiece needs to be replaced.  

Adjustable Versus Ground Joint Tailpiece

Adjustable tailpieces can be adjusted about 1-inch (½-inch either way) to accommodate rough-in errors and unique installation requirements. They have a sliding O-ring seal which enables adjustment. Ground joint tailpieces require metal on metal connections that do not permit adjustment. This means that the rough-in needs to be exact.

So why do some customers opt for a ground joint instead of an adjustable flushometer tailpiece?
Originally, all flushometer tailpieces were ground joint units. We think that people still order ground joints to make their replacements with the same part. Ground joints are also needed for Sloan flushometers with straight stops. 


Tailpiece Removal Tool

The tailpiece is connected to the valve body using a pipe thread. Since there is a significant amount of force used to drive the tailpiece into the valve body, removal of an old tailpiece can be a difficult task. This is why we recommend using a tailpiece removal tool to remove the old tailpiece. 


Tailpiece Removal Tool

Tailpiece Removal Tool 
Part #08063
View the Tailpiece removal tool product page  

To remove the old tailpiece with the tool, you insert the tool into the tailpiece, and align the grooves in the tool with the notches inside the tailpiece, then twist counter-clockwise until the old tailpiece comes off. 

Unlike other tailpiece removal tools sold elsewhere, this tool is used internally, which prevents damaging the chrome finish of the tailpiece. 


Sloan Tailpiece Replacement

  1. Remove the old tailpiece using the tailpiece removal tool (instructions listed above).
  2. Attach the new tailpiece to the valve body by turning it clockwise. Use teflon tape (or pipe sealant) on tailpiece pipe threads. Note: Do not use sealant on the first few threads of the tailpiece. Ensure that the coupling and the locking ring (adjustable tailpiece only) are on the tailpiece before tightening the assembly.


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