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Sloan Handle Assembly and Repair Kit Guide

Posted on March 04 2024

 Sloan Handle Assembly and Repair Kit Guide


Sloan’s Handle Repair Kits and Handle Assemblies are some of our best-selling items. Most Sloan Handle Repair Kits are designed for a specific model of flushometer, although a few can be used in more than one. This article will explain all about these kits and assemblies. You’ll learn the differences between the kits, which models are interchangeable, how to know when your handle repair kit or entire handle needs to be replaced, what tools are needed for handle repairs, and more. 


How do you know when your handle needs to be replaced?

  1. Flushometer is not flushing. If your flushometer is not flushing after you push the handle, and you’ve already checked to make sure the control valve or main valve is not closed, then you may need to install a new handle repair kit or an entire new handle assembly. 
  2. Short Flushing. Another scenario that may be caused by a worn handle assembly is short flushing, which is when the length of the flush is too short, and not enough water is released. Other probable causes of short flush are that the diaphragm assembly and guide assembly are too loose and need to be tightened, the diaphragm assembly needs to be replaced, the wrong relief valve is installed (black is for urinal, white is for closet), or a low-consumption kit is installed in a non-low consumption fixture. 
  3. Handle Assembly is Leaking. When the handle assembly is leaking, you can either replace the entire handle with a handle assembly (do this if there is wear on the handle) or you can replace the repair kit. The seals are often the cause of the issue, and you can just replace them with kit #49815 (which includes Sloan parts A-31 and B-39), but most people replace the whole repair kit when making the repair.



Sloan Handle Repair Kit Models

Sloan handle repair kits include all of the parts needed to replace the parts inside of the handle of your flushometer. Primarily, the difference between each handle repair kit is simply the flushometer model it is designed for. However, there are two repair kits that are interchangeable: the B-50-A and B-51-A. The difference between the two is that the B-51-A is a high-performance kit and comes preassembled with a triple seal, whereas model B-50-A is the regular kit, and comes unassembled with a regular seal.


Sloan Handle Repair KitS


Handle Repair Kit Part Number Sloan Model Number Applicable Flushometer Models Link
08007 B-50-A Regal, Old Style Royal View Online
08439 B-51-A Royal, Regal  View Online
Sloan C-64-A
08043 C-64-A Naval, Foot Petal View Online
Sloan G-50-A
57677 G-50-A GEM View Online
08076 C-70-A Crown, Concealed Royal View Online
Sloan CR-1007-A 80849 CR-1007-A Crown II View Online




Sloan Handle Assembly Models

Like the handle repair kits, the differences between the full handle assemblies lie in which models they are designed for. However, some of the handle assemblies are interchangeable too. The most popular handle assembly is the ADA Handle Assembly (Sloan model B-73-A) which is an ADA compliant and slightly longer version of the B-32-A Handle Assembly. Other handles that fit all manual Sloan Royal and Regal units include an Antimicrobial Handle Assembly, a CuVerro Antimicrobial Handle Assembly, and a Dual Flush Handle Assembly.


Sloan Handle Assemblies


Handle Assembly Part Number Sloan Model Number Applicable Flushometer Models Link Notes
Sloan B73A 08069 B-73-A Royal, Regal, Crown, and similar styles View Online Most Popular, ADA Complaint
Sloan B-32-A Handle Assembly 08008 B-32-A Royal, Regal, Crown, and similar styles View Online
B-30-A 80848 B-30-A Crown View Online
Sloan G-143-A Handle Assembly 80729 G-143-A GEM-2 View Online
Sloan B-73-ASG Handle 40261391 B-73-ASG Royal, Regal View Online Antimicrobial
Sloan B-73-A-CV CuVerro Antimicrobial Handle 47476 B-73-A-CV Royal, Regal, Crown, and similar styles View Online CuVerro Antimicrobial
Sloan WES-212-A Dual Flush Handle 08880 WES-212-A Royal, Regal, Crown, and similar styles View Online


Dual Flush




Flush Valve Handle Repair FAQs


What’s the difference between a Handle Repair Kit and a Handle Assembly? And why buy one and not the other? 
A handle repair kit only includes parts that go inside of the handle. The handle assembly includes the handle as well as all of the parts that go inside of the handle. Usually, the repair kit is all that is needed if the handle isn’t working properly. However, if the handle becomes damaged from misuse, vandalism, or just becomes worn looking over time, then you will want to replace the entire handle assembly instead of just the repair kit. Another reason you may want to replace the entire handle is if you decide to update your handle to an antimicrobial or water saving dual flush handle.


What tools do you need to make the repair?
The tools needed to complete flushometer handle repairs include a slotted screwdriver to shut off the stop, and either the Non-Marking Offset Adjustable Valve Wrench (Part #08070) or the Sloan A-50 Super Wrench (Part #08047). 


How long do Handle Repair Kits last?
Depending on the kit you get, a handle repair kit will usually last 2-4 or 4-6 years, although they can last longer. Regular handle repair kits will last 2-4+ years, whereas the high-performance triple sealed handle repair kit (B-51-A) will last 4-6+ years. 


Are any Sloan flushometer handles or repair kits interchangeable?
Yes. Review the charts above and pay attention to the ‘Applicable Flushometer Models’ column to see which repair kits and handles are interchangeable on your particular flush valve model. 


Any other items to buy/replace while making the repair?
The Handle Nut (Part #08054) is the nut that needs to be removed when taking the old handle off. If it is marked up or the chrome is bad, then you will want to replace that as well. All flush valves use the same handle nut, so it is universal for all Sloan flush valves except the GEM and Crown handles. Both the G-123-A GEM handle and the B-30-A Crown handles have threading in the handle, so the nut is not needed.