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Sloan ADA Grip Handle Assembly for Flushometer –

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Handle - ADA Flushometer (Most Common)



Part Number: #08069
Mfg No.: B73A
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co


This ADA Handle Assembly contains everything that is needed to replace the handle assembly for a Sloan flush valve. This assembly kit is a popular replacement kit for Sloan flush valve repair. The handle has a triple silicone infused connection kit.

This repair kit is needed often due to flush valve handles being misused. Public restrooms tend to need this item replaced most often as patrons, in an effort not to touch the flush valve, kick the handle to flush the water closet, which can cause the flush handle to break by damaging the inner components of the handle. 

The following parts are included in this Handle Assembly Kit:

ADA Handle- Sloan Model B74A
Handle Socket - Sloan Model B7A
• Triple Seal Handle Repair Kit - Sloan Model B51A
Handle Gasket - Sloan Model A31 (Included within the Triple Seal Handle Repair Kit)