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Sloan Super Wrench



Part Number: #08047
Mfg No.: A50
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co


This Sloan Super Wrench can be used on every exposed nut and hex on flush valves by Sloan, Zurn, and other brands too. The Sloan Super Wrench is marked in each area with the Sloan OEM number of the part of the flushometer the tool is meant to fix. This tool is very easy to use on Sloan flushometers. This wrench is also a non-marking wrench, which means that it will not scuff or scratch the brass or finish on a valve or flushometer part. Use the Sloan Super Wrench to professionally complete flush valve repairs. 

The Sloan Super Wrench is aptly named a super wrench because of all of the components of a flush valve that it is used on:

• Chrome cover
• Handle nut
• Coupling nut
• Control stop
• Tailpiece nut

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