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The Best Plumbing Repair Parts Online Store

Posted on July 06 2018

Online Plumbing Repair Store

Find hundreds of plumbing repair parts online on, the most comprehensive and authoritative plumbing repair parts online store, especially when it comes to Sloan parts. Read this article to get help navigating our site, finding the right parts, fixtures, and tools, and utilizing all of the plumbing repair parts and Sloan parts specific information at your disposal on our online store.

How Works is a plumbing repair parts website, specializing in all things Sloan, as well as specialty urinal and closet repair, flushometer repair, and other plumbing fixtures, tools, and repair parts. We sell both popular repair parts, and more hard to find, specialty repair parts. In fact, is a smaller entity of a bigger company, so even if you can’t find the part you need on our website, just give us a call to speak with a repair parts specialist to get the part you need.

Plumbing Parts in Stock

Most of the parts shown on our website are in stock and ready to ship. This is the case 99% of the time for repair parts. Sometimes, items will need to be special ordered from the manufacturer, and shipping can take longer. This happens mainly with more specialty units or parts. To find out if an item you need is in stock and ready to ship, give us a call and we will give you an estimated ship time. Know that we will do everything we can to get your items to you as quickly as possible.

Types of Plumbing Repair Parts

Our plumbing inventory is categorized into 4 main categories, each with a variety of related sub-categories within them

  • Flushometers
  • Electronic Faucets
  • China Fixtures
  • Tools & Accessories







    Beyond our sub-categories, are sub-sub-categories, so that you can narrow your search even further by specific model types. We won’t show every sub-sub-category in this post, but here is an example:


    *Mobile Navigation Tip: When using the website on a smart phone or tablet, be sure to use the navigation menu on the side so you can access the sub-sub-categories. 


    By utilizing these sub-category pages, you can click on a section, for example, the Royal Optima Plus Parts section, see the flushometer repair parts listed there, and browse confidently, knowing that every item in that section works on a Royal Optima Plus Flushometer. This makes your search for the flushometer parts you need to complete your flushometer repairs that much easier.


    Repair Parts Selection

    We have 1300+ items listed in our plumbing repair online store. We make it easy to find the repair parts needed to service your flushometers and faucets. We also sell related fixtures like china sinks and bowls, as well as grab bars for ADA compliance, mixings valves, grid drains, P-Traps, cartridges, aerators, urinal flanges, urinal screens, stop valves, cleaners, and so much more. In addition, we have the plumbing tools, bolts, and gaskets needed for installation. Find the urinal repair parts and closet repair parts in our online store, or give us a call if you need an item that isn’t listed.


    Faucet and Flushometer Troubleshooting Guides

    Other than our full and user-focused navigation, our troubleshooting guides are one of the most helpful resources on our website. These guides stem from the parts breakdowns and troubleshooting guides from Sloan. What makes our guides different, is that we update our guides to reflect changes that have occurred, like when a repair part becomes outdated and we update our guides to reflect that change. We also make it easy get to the part identified in the breakdown by having links in our guides that immediately send you to the page for that part, so you can view and buy that part seamlessly.

    Watch the video below and see how to use the site.



    Troubleshooting Videos and Articles

    Another resource we provide customers is our helpful videos and blog articles. Troubleshooting Help YouTube Channel

    Plumbing Part Repair Videos

    Currently, we have a video series about G2 flushometer maintenance and troubleshooting. G2 units are one of the most popular Sloan flushometer models we get questions about. These videos include topics such as long and short flushing, volume regulator troubleshooting, diaphragm cleaning, how to replace a solenoid and adjusting the flush valve sensor.


    Plumbing Repair Part Blog Articles

    You can also find helpful plumbing repair articles in the Sloan Repair Blog. It contains articles that share tips and repair information that are helpful to most any maintenance and plumbing personnel. Some articles are more specific than others, like the Solenoid Replacement Identification Chart for Sloan BASYS Faucets, which would only be a good read for those of you with BASYS faucets. Other articles are more broad, like ‘7 Flush Valve Troubleshooting Tips’, and ‘Sloan Flushometer Comparison Guide: Royal vs Regal’.


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