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Sloan Bluetooth Optima Faucets

Posted on April 21 2020

Sloan Bluetooth Optima Faucets


Sloan Optima Faucets now include Bluetooth technology! These innovative new smart faucets will make it easier to manage the faucets throughout your facility. Read this article to learn the benefits of these new, upgraded Optima faucets, which Optima faucet models this upgrade applies too, and how this update affects repair parts for old and new models.


New Improvements to the Sloan Optima Faucet Line

The Bluetooth technology in Sloan’s upgraded Optima Faucet line enables facility managers to monitor their faucets remotely. Using the Sloan Connect App on their phone or other mobile device, managers or maintenance personnel can make adjustments to all of their faucets that have the Bluetooth feature. Other improvements in these upgraded faucets include the following:

  • Updates that reduce installation time by 50% or more, such as standard mounting hardware, a longer sensor cable, and a quick connect spout hose.
  • A new control box that features fewer cords and hoses, new mounting slots (eliminates the need for mounting plates and hardware), and a dual-inlet filter fitting to filter and mix hot/cold water at once.


Sloan Connect App


Sloan Connect App

The Sloan Connect App connects your smart device to all of your Bluetooth faucets. It enables you to dispense water from the faucet, adjust the functions, and change the settings for the faucet’s activation mode, line flush, sensor range, and more.

One of the settings you can adjust in the Sloan Connect app is the line-flush or ‘purge’ function. This feature is especially useful in places like hospitals where bacteria could grow in faucets that sit idle for long periods of time. It enables you to adjust the duration and frequency of the unit’s line-flush. You can set exactly how long after the last time the faucet was used that it will be flushed, and for what length of time. For example, you can set the faucet to run 12 hours after the last time it was used, and have it flush for 120 seconds. This setting can be customized to whatever idle time (between 2-72 hours) and flush duration you want. After changing the settings, you click on the button in the app that says ‘Apply Settings to Faucet,’ and a green checkmark will appear next to the feature that was updated. If you are standing near the faucet when you make this change, you will hear the solenoid click on and off, which is another sign that the setting has been accepted.

Learn more about Sloan’s Connect App and how it works in this informative video created by Sloan.


Sloan Bluetooth Faucet Models


Which Optima Faucets Does this Update Apply To?

The Sloan Optima faucet models shown above are included in the Smart Faucet Upgrade. Beginning in 2019, when you purchase any of those faucets, you will receive the new Bluetooth enabled model. The list below is organized by mounting style (deck mounted or wall mounted) with the power type listed after the Sloan model number. Faucet models on the same line are faucets that are the same style faucet, but use different power sources (hardwired versus battery or battery/turbine-powered). View the bluetooth faucets available for purchase online. Call us if you don't see the exact unit you need. 


Deck Mounted Optima Faucet Models


Wall Mounted Optima Faucet Models

  • EBF850 (Battery or battery + turbine) and ETF800 (Hardwired)


Please note that for truly hardwired units, only the EBF series faucets include the adapter (we called it a Power Harness Assembly) needed to hardwire the unit. ETF series faucets that need to be hardwired (truly hrdwired) will need to order the adapter as an additional item. The adapter is Sloan model EFP-98-A and code number: 0367098. 

Power Harness Assembly - 24VAC (For 2019-Present Bluetooth Optima Faucets)
Part #68756
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How to Find Repair Parts for New Bluetooth Models

You can find repair parts for the new Bluetooth faucets by referring to our unique and exclusive photographic parts breakdowns. You can find links to these breakdowns underneath each faucet model in the list above. We use photographs in each parts breakdown to make it easier to find the repair parts you need. In the table below each breakdown, every part that is listed is linked to a web page for that part. On those pages, you can see more information about that part, and also add it to your cart for purchase. The parts breakdown pages also include the troubleshooting guides for the new Sloan Bluetooth faucets as well.

Below is an example parts breakdown. It is the photographic Parts Breakdown image for the Sloan EBF-187, ETF-80, EBF-85 and ETF-80 Bluetooth Faucet. On this model's Parts Breakdown Page, you will find this breakdown image along with links to all parts shown so that you can then easily add the parts you need to your cart and buy online.

Sloan EBF-187, ETF-80, EBF-85 and ETF-80 Bluetooth Faucet Parts Breakdown


Will Old Pre-Bluetooth Optima Repair Parts Fit New Bluetooth Faucets?

Almost all of the repair parts for the older models of these new faucets WILL NOT WORK in the new models purchased in 2019 or later. This is why it is important to identify the correct repair parts for your new style faucets before making your purchase. Our part breakdowns will help you buy the right repair parts for your new faucets the first time.


For additional help or information about Sloan Smart Faucets and the repair parts needed to service them, give one of our Sloan product experts a call. 


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