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Sloan Control Module Options for Faucets

Posted on January 02 2023

Sloan Control Module Options for Faucets

Control Module Assemblies are a major component of electronic faucets. Think of them like the brain of the faucet, connecting one part to another, telling it what to do and when to do it. Control modules are not a one-size-fits-all item. There are certain control modules designed for specific faucet models, which can make replacement less straightforward.

This article provides all of the information necessary to identify which control modules you need for your Sloan faucets, and how to get them on It also includes answers to questions such as how to know when a module needs to be replaced, what to check first, how to perform the replacement, and more. 

All of the most commonly used Sloan control modules are listed below. We also have them on our website for purchase. If you are looking for an obscure unit, or don’t see your faucet model listed for any of the units below, give us a call, and we’ll help you order what you need.


Control Module Options

In the chart below, you can identify the control module you need by photo, part number, model number, or applicable faucet models. Click the link to see more information about the unit, and to buy it online.


Control Module

Part Number

Sloan Model Number

Applicable Faucet Models


54325 EBF-60-A For Pre-2008 Faucets View Online
81785 ETF-735-A For 2008-2019 Faucets View Online
08462 ETF-450-A For ETF Optima Faucets

View Online

54003 EBF-11-A For Battery Powered EBF-85 and EBF-187 faucets

 View Online

68746 EFP-39-A For 2019-Present Bluetooth Optima Faucets

 View Online

81114 SFP-40-A For SF Faucets View Online
80298 SFP-8 For Pre-2008 Faucets with 4 Pin Connectors View Online


Sloan Control Module FAQs

Q: How are control modules powered?
By battery or hardwiring. 

Q: What does a control module connect?
The control module connects the sensor assembly, water supply, and power (if not battery operated).

Q: How do you know if the control module needs to be replaced?
If the sensor is no longer working, the control module may need to be replaced. But other parts might be the problem as well. In order of most common replacement, first check the solenoid, then the control module, then the sensor. 

For battery operated control modules, be sure to test the batteries in the unit before replacing any parts. For some units, a low battery will be signified by audible beeps or a flashing light. However, not all units have a signifier.

Q: How often does a control module need to be replaced?
It varies. Some last a few years, whereas others can last 10 years or longer.  

Q: What causes a control module to need to be replaced?
Since the control module is essentially a little computer, it can simply die over time. Alternatively, things within it can break that cause it to no longer function. Like most electronics, they will not last forever.  

Q: Does water quality or any other situational factors affect how long a control module lasts?

Q: Do all electronic faucets use a control module?
Yes. It may be called a control module or something similar like a solenoid valve module or a control box. 

Q: Are all Sloan control module options listed on your website?
No. We only list the more popular units. More obscure control modules can still be ordered from us, but you will need to call to place your order for those. Have the Sloan model number ready when you call. 

Q: How do I replace the control module?

  1. Turn off water
  2. Disconnect power
  3. Disconnect water lines and sensor cable, and, if hardwired, disconnect power cable.
  4. Remove the control box
  5. Replace with new unit.
  6. Reconnect water line, sensor cable, and power line (not all will be present for all models)
  7. Reconnect power
  8. Turn on water
  9. Test unit