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Solenoid Valve Module (Battery Powered Model)



Part Number: #54003
Mfg No.: EBF11A
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co


Solenoid Valve Module Assembly for Battery Powered model for Sloan EBF-85 and EBF-187 faucets. Includes solenoid enclosure, solenoid body, and filter cap. See exactly where this part fits into EBF-85 and EBF-187 electronic faucets in this Electronic Faucet Parts Diagram

Read the Sloan Optima Solenoid Replacement Guide to learn more about Sloan solenoid replacement, and view a chart that lists Sloan Optima faucets and all of the solenoids that they use.

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Solenoid Replacement Tips and Troubleshooting

Battery operated Sloan Sensor Faucets such as the EBF-85 may require certain maintenance procedures or replacement parts as time goes by and here at we have the parts, information and expertise to help you keep your equipment in top running form. EFB-85 Faucets are fitted with an electronic solenoid valve located within the solenoid valve module. This Sloan faucet solenoid module assembly, part #EBF-11-A, is comprised of the faucet solenoid enclosure, the solenoid body and a filter cap.

If you're experiencing audible beeps from your faucet's solenoid valve module after fresh batteries have been installed and the unit has completed its 30-second self-calibration cycle but no beeps are heard when something enters the faucet's sensor zone, the problem may be a defective solenoid valve module. Alternatively, if you hear beeps when a target is in the detection zone but you don't hear an audible click and the water doesn't start running, this could also indicate a defective module, which should then be replaced. Other possible causes of these problems that should also be checked are an improper fiber optic cable connection to the solenoid valve module or that the fiber optic cable itself is defective.

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