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Sloan Waterfree Urinal Options

Posted on March 09 2023

Sloan Waterfree Urinals


Sloan manufactures four types of urinals: flushing, hybrid, retrofit hybrid, and waterfree. This article reviews the three waterfree urinal options. Read more to learn why so many facilities are converting from flushing urinals to waterfree options, how the cartridge inside of them works, and the differences between the three options.


Why choose Waterfree Urinals?

  • Maximum savings on water and money 
  • Touch-free to decrease exposure to germ prone areas
  • Multiple designs for retrofit and new construction
  • Odor free
  • Splash reduction and less wet surfaces makes them more hygienic


Sloan Hybrid Urinal Options

(Waterfree shown left, Hybrid shown right)


Waterfree versus Hybrid: What’s the Difference?

First, although one is called waterfree and the other, hybrid, both are considered waterfree urinals by any water saving standards. We will also refer to the hybrid urinals as waterfree throughout this article. 

Both waterfree and hybrid urinals use the same waterfree cartridge. The Hybrid urinal has an additional JetRinse function (more on that below) that rinses the unit every 72 hours. This function also eliminates a manual task required for the waterfree units, which is for janitorial staff to rinse the unit when the cartridge is replaced.


Sloan waterfree urinal models

Waterfree urinals

Sloan waterfree urinals use zero water, saving thousands of gallons a year. They utilize a urinal cartridge to filter sediment and trap odors, so you get exceptional performance without regularly flushing water. The design of the vitreous china fixture presents a clean, elegant, and efficient appearance styled to reflect your sustainability goals and practices.

Waterfree Urinal Models: WES-1000 (standard size), WES-4000 (small size), and WES-7000 (designer size). The standard size is the only size listed on our site for purchase. Call to order the small or designer models.



Hybrid Urinals

Hybrid urinals use one gallon of water every 72 hours to rinse and flush the unit. They still save thousands of gallons of water every year. The innovative Hybrid combines maximum water savings with the best user experience. Hybrids utilize the same urinal cartridge found in the waterfree models. What makes them different is the addition of JetRinse Solution Technology. JetRinse is programmed to release one gallon of water into the urinal every 72 hours to keep the fixture and drain lines clean, hygienic, odor-free, and clog-free.

Sloan Hybrid Urinal Models: HYB-1000 and HYT-1000-RET (standard size), HYB-4000 (small size), and HYB-7000 (designer size). Call to order units not listed online.

The HYT-1000-RET is a retrofit hybrid model that is designed to be used when you are replacing traditional urinals with water free urinals. The retrofit models can use existing supply stops as their source of water for the JetRinse 72-hour flush cycle.


sloan jetrinse technology

How JetRinse Solution Technology Works:

  1. Water is vigorously injected into the cartridge housing through a solenoid valve and air gap device.
  2. The water is then redirected down the drain line.
  3. The solenoid valve is programmed to inject one gallon of water every 72 hours.
  4. An infrared switch allows manual operation of the JetRinse system during cartridge changes for additional flushing

More Information about JetRinse

  • Even though the Sloan Hybrid Urinal uses 1 gallon of water every 72 hours, the unit is still considered “water-free” for sustainability calculations. It uses only about 100 gallons of water per year. 
  • Connects to ½” or ⅜” supplies, which are very familiar connections for plumbers. 
  • The 6V lithium battery on the solenoid lasts for 8+ years.


WES-150 Waterfree Cartridge

WES-150 Waterfree Cartridge

All Sloan waterfree urinal options utilize the same cartridge, model WES-150. 

  1. The new cartridge is filled with water and a floating sealant that forms an odor barrier
  2. Urine is slowed by baffles.
  3. Urine passes up and over the trap, leaving some sediment behind. 
  4. Accelerating stream flows out to drain

Indications that the cartridge needs to be replaced:

  • Slow drain
  • Blue indicator on top no longer showing (labeled 5 in image above)

Buy the WES-150 Cartridge now on our website. Available in two quantities:

We also carry a Waterfree Urinal Cleaner, developed specifically for cleaning Sloan Waterfree Urinals. It’s what we recommend using as the only cleaner for your waterfree urinal fixtures. 


Sloan Hybrid Retrofit Urinal Information

Hybrid retrofit urinals are the same as hybrid urinals, except a hole has been added to the top of the ceramic fixture, and a 5-piece retrofit kit is packed inside in a corrugated box. It uses the existing supply stop as the water source for the hybrid. 

How to Select the Best Waterfree Option for You

Ultimately, this depends on your needs and starting point. Sloan’s waterfree urinal options are relatively similar: They are all touch-free, maximize water savings, are odor free, and offer the same potential LEED points and WELL credits. Only the hybrid options have the JetRinse function, and only the retrofit hybrid is for existing construction. 



High Efficiency Urinal Standard Information

High Efficiency Urinals (HEU) are urinals with a maximum flush volume of 0.5 gallons per flush (GPF) or less, and must meet the performance requirements of ASME 19.2/CSA B45.1. 

HEU compliant options include the following:

  • 0.5 GPF
  • 0.25 GPF
  • 0.125 GPF
  • Hybrid: Zero
  • Waterfree: Zero

Waterfree urinals also meet other compliance benchmarks from CALGreen, California Energy Commission, Updated State Plumbing Codes, and WaterSense. For LEED v4 credits for water conservation, the Sloan Hybrid, Hybrid Retrofit, and Waterfree urinals qualify for maximum water reducing percentage points. These units also give facilities a WELL v2 credit for ‘Enhanced Bathroom Accommodations’: 1 point for “hands free flushing.” This also applies to “no flushing” for Hybrid and Waterfree urinals.

Certain locations also give rebates to facilities for installing waterfree urinals. Did you know that has a Product Rebate Finder? Use Sloan’s Product Rebate Finder Tool now to see if your area makes your waterfree urinal eligible for a rebate. Some locations in California have 500 rebates for waterfree urinal installations.



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