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Control Module Assembly - Old Style (PRE-2008 ONLY)



Part Number: #54325
Mfg No.: EBF60A
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co

Control Module Assembly with Solenoid Body & Five Pin Connector. This Control Module is designed for Electronic Sloan faucet applications. Unit uses 4 "C" batteries. 

Part #EBA-60-A, which is the Sloan old style control module for automated, sensor-operated Sloan faucets like the EFB-615 and EFB-650, is an electronic faucet control module assembly consisting of the solenoid body and Sloan 5 pin connector. The complete Sloan faucet control module is made up of the base enclosure, the solenoid enclosure, cover enclosure, two gaskets, the solenoid body, solenoid filter cap and battery stop. All parts are put together as one single assembly.

An indication that the Sloan control module on your EFB-615 or EFB-650 battery-operated sensor faucet may be defective and requires replacement is if the sensor troubleshooting LED doesn't operate properly during the setup sequence. First check that the batteries are good and are installed properly and that the sensor cable leading to the control module is correctly inserted.

If your faucet continues to run on even after the detection zone has been vacated this may also signal a problem with the faucet control module. It's possible that the solenoid valve has been installed backwards, in which case the compression fittings should be disassembled and checked for proper water flow direction in accordance with the directional arrow on the valve. The solenoid filter may also possibly be clogged. If all else fails, the control module should be replaced with a new unit.



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