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G2 to Solis Closet Single Flush Conversion Kit (Cover, Ring, Module, Solenoid Assembly)



Part Number: #81860
Mfg No.: EBV1007A
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co


This conversion kit is used to convert a pre-existing Sloan G2 Closet Flushometer to a SOLIS Single Flush Closet Flushometer. Comes with the necessary Cover Assembly, Locking Ring, Module, and Solenoid Assembly in order to convert properly. Sloan SOLIS flushometers provide water efficiency and use light to charge a highly efficient capacitor. The capacitor provides power to the flushometer even in restrooms that have occupancy-controlled lighting.

Note: The GPF of the flushometer is determined by the diaphragm, which is NOT included in this kit.

View Sloan 3375350 Spec Sheet