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Aerator Stream Insert 1.5 GPM



Part Number: #84101
Sloan Model Number: EFX-1001-A 
Sloan Code Number: 3324103
Manufacturer: Sloan 

The BASYS Spray Head Insert in this kit has an aerated water flow of 1.5 GPM. This kit also includes a hex key, and an extra spray removal tool. There is already a spray removal tool stored inside the faucet head that keeps the spray head locked in place. The spray head can only be removed from the faucet with a spray removal tool. To remove the spray head, first loosen the hex nut on the underside of your BASYS faucet to remove the crown. The spray removal tool is located near the spray insert. 

NOTE: If your new spray insert has a different flow rate than your existing spray, you must also replace the solenoid caddy with one that has a matching flow rate. Once the new spray is installed, you must return the spray removal tool to its storage location inside the faucet head. Replacing the tool will lock the spray head in place. If the spray head is installed incorrectly, you will not be able to insert the tool.

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