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Angle Stop Valve (Ball Type) - 5/8 OD x 5/8 OD x 1/4 OD



Part Number: #57139 
Mfg No.: E33-2211
Mfg: Dahl Valve

This Angle Stop Valve (Ball Type) is made by Dahl Valve. It is the following size: 5/8 OD x 5/8 OD x 1/4 OD. This Tee and Valve Kit (1/4 Compression Oulet) is in the mini-ball valve category of Dahl products. It is made of lead-free brass, has a plated handle, and straight pattern. It’s designed for copper 5/8 PD inlet pipe and connected to copper 5/8 OD outlet pipe. The branch pipe type is copper at size 1/4 OD.