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Control Stop Repair Kit 1"



Part Number: #08667 
Sloan Model Number: H-1006-A 
Sloan Code Number: 3308860
Manufacturer: Sloan 

This 1" Control Stop Repair Kit made by Sloan code number 3308860. It is for wheel handles. Wheel handles are most often used in concealed valve applications, so this repair kit will most often be used for flushometers that are located behind the wall. 

When do you need to buy a control stop repair kit? When you try to shut the water off at the valve to service the unit and find that the water will not shut off. Oftentimes, the spring within the control stop breaks, causing the control stop to no longer function properly. 

Included in the kit are the following parts:
• Collar
• Plug
• Spring
• Screw
• Wheel Handle