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Crown Assembly - Solar w/ LCD



Part Number: #84109
Mfg No.: EFX4A
Mfg: Sloan Valve Co

Upgrade your Basys faucet to a solar powered model to extend the life of your batteries. This solar crown assembly uses solar or artificial light to charge the faucet. It also features a digital display that shows the water temperature and the amount of time the water has been running. Basys die-cast metal crowns centralize all electronics into a single serviceable component, and are protected from both dust and water. All Basys Crowns also have red and green LCD diagnostic indicator lights that provide feedback about battery levels, infrared sensor adjustments, and other issues, so that you can quickly identify any problems. To replace a crown, remove the existing crown by loosening the hex nut on the underside of your Basys faucet. The screw is integral to the faucet, so it will not fall out. All Sloan's Basys crowns are interchangeable within the lines of faucets that use the same sensing method.

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